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dbolton, Jun 27, 8:16am
Is this becoming the Norm in new cars. Personally I hate them.Had an importedHonda that seemed to have a mind of its own so took it back after a month and swapped it. They said that they couldn't find fault with it but it was driving me mad. Didn't seem to centralise correctly after going round bends.

thejazzpianoma, Jun 27, 8:19am
So the usual story then, over a decade after its mainstream introduction the Japanese still can't get it right so we blame the technology.

hornnett, Jun 27, 8:39am
jealous that the jappa is still going after 10 years!

mark.52, Jun 27, 9:04am
I've got a Polo GTi. Was surprised to find after purchase (and reading the handbook) that it has electric power steering. It seems to work flawlessly.

whqqsh, Jun 27, 9:13am
just wait until the cars with servos for steering instead of direct mecanical connections start playing up

bigfatmat1, Jun 27, 9:34am
already do audis have a common problem with the computer attached to the rack the rack needs to come out to serrvice

ralphdog1, Jun 27, 9:40am
Audi.aren't they a Euro!
Can't be true, or you are one of those fabled Knuckle dragging trolls that Jazz is always reefing on about.! :-)

johnf_456, Jun 27, 9:43am
You must have mistaken them for something else, european manufactured cars don't do this. The Fiat salesman tells everyone they are brilliant.

whqqsh, Jun 27, 9:50am
the Japs have to wait to copy as they usually do. no imagination there

bigfatmat1, Jun 27, 9:51am
you mean perfect

gunhand, Jun 27, 9:52am
Pitty they wouldnt copy a Aussie Ford or Holden and make them the way they should be.

bigfatmat1, Jun 27, 9:53am
vw group even pffffft bosch need I say more

bigfatmat1, Jun 27, 9:54am
Easier to design from the ground up than rebuild one of them

franc123, Jun 27, 10:36am
It would never happen, the Japs have no concept of traditional Aussie car culture, and how they should be designed and made, and the need for large displacement torquey engines and RWD. Market is too small for any of them to make a dedicated product of the correct genre for Australia/NZ anyway.

vtecnet, Jun 27, 10:41am
I had a Honda Torneo with EPS, it was terrible, sometimes it would just die and leave me with no power steering, (Way heavier then normal non power steering, as you were fighting the electric motor also).
Those Daihatsu Sirions etc have it and it works fine

doug207, Jun 27, 11:09am
First production car with electronic PS (not electronic assisted hydraulic) was a late 80's Suzuki to my knowledge, first car with variable speed EPS was the Honda S2000V.

So, who's copying!

morrisman1, Jun 27, 11:22am
The Nissan Tiida has it and the only way you would know is the lack of a pshzzz noise when holding it at full lock.

solarboy, Jun 27, 1:07pm
My '90 SW20 MR2 has electric power steering, not exactly a new feature.

matarautrader, Jun 27, 7:14pm
Our 02 Barina had electric power steering. Great until one servo failed. Then we had power steering to the right and manual to the left. Drove it like that through 3 warrants without it being noticed.

bill-robinson, Jun 27, 7:41pm
Are you sure! I think electro hydraulic is fitted electric pump hyrdoassistance

dbolton, Jun 27, 8:00pm
Honda Torneo was the car I had problems with. What annoyed me is the dealer drove it said that it didn't have a problem. If they do have to be repaired my info was that they were very expensive to repair. Last 2 years I have had a 2003 Ford Mondeo and couldn't be happier with it. Don't know whether the newer ones have the electric steering but any future purchase it would be my first question

socram, Jun 27, 9:00pm
Forgive my Luddite tendency here, but why do we even need assisted steering, particularly on smaller cars! Just something else to go wrong/add weight destroy feel.
Building the project car (which now has a Rover V8 instead of the cast iron 1500cc lump), we installed a BMW power steering rack - just in case, but it doesn't need the power steering at all, even with a slightly smaller steering wheel than the original, so no power steering pump has been fitted.
So quite why small cars need anything other than direct steering is beyond me.

kazbanz, Jun 27, 9:36pm
I don't know of a Toyota nowadays that doesn't have EPS.
I also haven't heard of a single MECHANICAL issue with the Toyota's with EPS
But when they have totally knackered batteries things get ugly.
The EPS either doesn't work at all or pretty much at randon cuts out.
Light light light -HEAVY light

morrisman1, Jun 27, 9:42pm
Because women influence the purchase of 95% of cars.

countrypete, Jun 27, 10:36pm
Even many farm ATVs have power steering now.Honda do a 420cc quad with power steering, and in the larger sizes 500cc plus, it's becoming almost standard.And they are all electric.

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