Automotive engineering question

jezz43, Aug 7, 4:42am
if a vehicle is originally RWD, and i want to convert it to 4WD and repower it with something else. is it easier to build onto the current under carriage of the vehicle or have an engineer remove the entire floorpan and stitch in the one that originally housed the components im wishing to transplant over!

srrolla76, Aug 7, 4:43am
what type car!

jezz43, Aug 7, 4:45am
looking at buying an old bedford SWB and transplanting a safari 4WD system and engine over

srrolla76, Aug 7, 4:50am
whats the point im making it 4wd! just for the engine! id leave it 2wd and go with the 350. thats just me tho haha. it would be a hard job making it 4wd if thats what u want 2 do

rob_man, Aug 7, 4:52am
Transplant the Bedford body onto the Nissan chassis.

jezz43, Aug 7, 4:52am
i want it 4WD so i can go where i want when i want, ive owned a safari before and it was a very capable offroader. i have a 2nd bedford that already has the V8 transplant ready to go. so i dont need another, i want something different, hence the type of transplant im looking at

srrolla76, Aug 7, 4:55am
ok. id agree with rob_man on this one then

jezz43, Aug 7, 5:54am
and what about the suspension side of things! that would all need to be made up.

NZTools, Aug 7, 5:58am
The suspension is all attatched to the safari chassis. All you need to do (over simplified of course) is attatch the bedford body to the safar chassis as well.

rob_man, Aug 7, 7:01am
It's been done heaps of times before, an Escort van on a Landrover chassis is one I remember. There was a Holden Ute on a Toyota chassis of some sort.
There's a bit of fabricating to be done but the chassis transplant is the way to go.

jezz43, Aug 7, 7:02am
cheers rob man, its just an idea at the moment. im still contemplating what to do tho

guider1, Aug 7, 7:24am
A guy at my work has (of all things) a Hillman Hunter s/w on what looks like a Terrano or Navara 4x4 chassis.

jezz43, 3 days
sounds cool guider1, i just want something different. its not like there are many bedfords around as it is. let alone 4WD versions. i cant really think of anything else different i could do. ive been having a think about engine conversions aswell. want something out of the ordinary