Commodore 304 injected

hotrods1, Aug 7, 8:19am
HI have a commodore with a 304 injected motor in it ,took battery out to charge it up. Put battery back in and now it wont start ,seems to be flooding it . Any idea what could be the proplem.!

beblowin, Aug 7, 8:34am
if its cranking and not firing try checking for spark or spray engine start into the intake hose, has a check light come on!

hotrods1, Aug 7, 8:42am
no check light that i know of this motor is in a vc commodore , Trys to firer but then nothing. but the smell of petrol.

beblowin, Aug 7, 9:05am
check spark or fouled plugs, any thing can go wrong with engine transplants, bad earths, ecu faults !

joescmoe, Aug 7, 9:31pm
Can you hear the fuel pump turn on when the key is turned

howz_that, 3 hours, 7 minutes
Was it running in the carbefore battery was removed!