Brake pads/Rotors

-cloud, Jun 23, 4:42am
Hey just wondering how long brake pads/rotors on a car should generally last! Just through wear and tear from normal driving, no trackdays etc.

andrea_w, Jun 23, 4:46am
Depends on the car and type of driving it's mostly been doing.

andy61, Jun 23, 4:46am
Depends if its Euro/aussie or Japanese. Euro and aussie cars can chew thru Rotors and pads in 60000km yetsome Japanese cars never wear the rotors to the point of replacement and pads can do 100000kms

mjbee., Jun 23, 5:50am
had a vx r8 got 90000k out of rotors ba gt falcon 11000k evo 8 lasted the longest 150000k maybe lighter car or better technology

mjbee., Jun 23, 5:51am
that was rotors only couldnt remember pads

skin1235, Jun 23, 5:56am
depends more on the driver than the model, or brand of pad/disc's ect, ask how many sets of pads before machining disc cos some 'lads; drop a set of pads in every 6 months while others ( self) have been driving 50 plus years and can remember replacing 3 sets of shoes, 3 sets of pads in that whole time, and most of my vehicles end up retiring here under the hedge once they've done their 10 to 15 yrs of my style of driving

edit. those 3 sets of each are what I have used for my personal vehicles, I have replaced hundreds for clients, amazes me the number that could not get 12 mths out of a set of pads

xs1100, Jun 23, 6:45am
must say got a set of rear shoes on the pathfinder when i got it and have had to change them this year and thats 11 yrs and 130,000 ks so didnt think to bad still had some lining left but cylinder let go

thejazzpianoma, Jun 23, 8:08am
LOL, the old "Euro" nonsense generalisation features again.
Funny that I have done over 100'000km on the pads/disks in my Multipla and they still have a way to go yet before they need replacement.

skin1235, Jun 23, 8:16am
naturally, they weigh just enough to keep them on the road, a sparrow flying past gives them the wind shakes braking is achieved by sticking your head out the window and blowing forward , gently
as for the brake pedal, that pedal is not used, ever, you're too busy pushing the other one and waiting for it to actually speed up to think about the brakes and slowing it down
even in a downhill situation they're incredibly safe, nobody will allow one of those close enough to touch them and will drive off the side of the road to avoid them, ergo multi's don't need to slow down cos effectively they're the only vehicle on the road in the given area at any time

lol, couldn't resist, plus its a cold night down this way

thejazzpianoma, Jun 23, 8:28am
LOL, if its a cold night you should buy something European, it gives you a nice warm feeling inside.

BTW, you might enjoy the last entry in "did anyone else get this email!" thats just screaming for a response if you are still bored.

skin1235, Jun 23, 8:34am
not bored but it's easier to tell yourself you're not freezing if you've got a smile on ya dial

thejazzpianoma, Jun 23, 8:42am
Yip, its not uncommon to wet yourself with excitement!

BTW, you should consider moving up here to warmth and civilisation. It was so nice here in the Bay today that I could have taken the Alfa Spider to town. if it was going of course.

That's the thing with Alfa's though, they look so pretty any ability to actually use them as transport is just a bonus.

skin1235, Jun 23, 8:44am
put a toyo in it, at least it will be reliable

and drivable more than 3 days per year

mrcat1, Jun 23, 10:56am
I recently sold my 2005 D22 Nissan Navara, 3l turbo, it had done 185000kms and a lot of the time towing heavy trailers, it still had the original battery, rotors, pads and rear shoes as well as clutch. I replaced it with a new ST-X 450, its done 11000kms and the rear springs have to come out and be reset and a new main leaf put in both sides as well as its developed a miss at idle, i'm pissing blood and spitting tacks all at once now.

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