Caravan Brake Help

granada, Jun 21, 12:02am
Are you worried about the extra $150 to buy it. My suggestion is buy the one that is a direct replacement and bolts straight on. Add an extra $150 onto the sell price of the caravan. Brakes arnt something tobe stuffed around with and the new coupling is also a selling point.

steve312, Jun 21, 12:25am
There will be little difference in the operation of either overide coupling although the hydraulic dampened ones do work better than the spring dampened one in the high rise system. The only other consideration will be whether you have enough pipe to reach the higher mounted master cylinder.$150 probably covers the cost of replacing the front pipe back to the tee and change left over.It will not alter the value of your caravan regardless of what coupling you fit.

captaink, Jun 21, 12:32am
Both bolt on the same, difference is in the way the units operate, dearer one is oil filled damper and is superior in it's action to the spring dampened unit. Having said that either would be fine on a 16' van, you aren't compromising safety with either unit, especially if you are selling, you will not get the benefit of the dearer unit which generally gives less trouble and operates more smoothly.

supernova2, Jun 21, 1:45am
The3rd pic looks exactly the same as the Trojan unit.Is it the same or a cheep knock off copy!

steve312, Jun 21, 3:32am
Cheap knock off but they work ok.Tend to wear a little more in the slide mechanism but at that price it is easy just to throw them away and get another new one when they wear out.

Personally I prefer the single size coupling (either 1 7/8" or 50mm) as opposed to the dual fit ones for both sizes.

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