Sheet metal bender/brake

incar., Aug 6, 11:13am
stab in the dark, anyone made one! in the process of making a new drawer set up and tool box for my van, i need to bend alloy plate and 1.2mm panel steel

intrade, Aug 6, 11:44am
alloy dont likes to be bent mutch

incar., Aug 6, 12:00pm
yeah i have looked at these but they are to sloppy in the hinge and will give a round bend not sharp , i need to bend 1.2m long so i will make one, finding a few ideas at the moment

intrade, Aug 6, 3:35pm
wont be easy to make one i can promise you that especyally one that works accurate on thick material and 1.2mm is thick . penal steel is 0.8 to 1.0mm max . I weld 1.0mm plating on rusted cars some cars are only 0.7+ thin metal

thunderbolt, Aug 7, 5:40am
Penal steel! It will bend easier when its flacid.

mrfxit, Aug 7, 6:15am
Alloy bends FINE . in ONE direction only.
DON'T try to bend it back

gasaxe, Aug 7, 11:02am
A sheetmetal shop would do it for you and it will be accurate and cheap. I have an engineering shop and take all my sheetmetal work to a specialsit shop asI don't have space for every piece of equipment.

sr2, Aug 7, 11:23am
+1, find a local friendly local sheet metal shop. Make up good cardboard templates and / or drawings and you'll get a far better job.

incar., Aug 7, 11:57am
one shot!i will remember that

incar., Aug 7, 12:03pm
i agree and have a back up if the shite hits the fan but i will be making numerous different bends bla bla and i tend to work till 3am plus i make everything myself, i'll post some pictures of the set up / progress, cheers everyone but seems no one has made any

incar., Aug 7, 12:05pm
im multi talented and will be spending my own time folding so i know the end product will be just as good or even better than paid labour. advice taken on templates thanks

sr2, Aug 7, 12:21pm
I built my own bender some years ago and have a lever action guillotine. I??

intrade, Aug 7, 6:03pm
i be interested to see the progress of your bender. I work like this i think things thru in my head and if i think it wont work or its to hard then i dont waste my time or energy, I probably never will invent anything like that because of the way i think things thru from a to z befor i start. But yea be good to see if you manage to makea good bender.

mrfxit, Aug 7, 9:58pm
Yep smilar concept but I can "alter on the fly"

budgel, Aug 8, 12:19am
1.2mm panel steel for some drawers seems a bit excessive to me.

kevlight, Aug 8, 1:03am

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