What would cause this. Car was making a grinding noise so mechanic checked the brake pads one side was worn right down to the me

snoboard, Aug 2, 7:00am
car was making a grinding noise so mechanic checked the brake pads, one side was worn right down to the metal so nothing left, other side no wear like brand new, they were both replaced at the same time before this happened

mugenb20b, Aug 2, 7:01am
Could be a faulty calliper or proportioning valve.

zephyrheaven, Aug 2, 7:03am
Stuck slides

snoboard, Aug 2, 7:06am
mechanic replaced them so shouldnt happen again!

our car is parked on a slope every day (our driveway) and when we stop we put the car in neutral with handbrake, take foot of pedal brake then move into Park. would this cause it and is it ok for the car to do that!

mugenb20b, Aug 2, 7:08am
No that wouldn't cause the problem, although it is a bizzare way to select 'park'.

thunderbolt, Aug 2, 7:10am
Stuck slides, jammed piston (on a caliper with pistones both sides of the caliper) badly scored rotor can also cause this.
Your mechanic should have worked it out pretty quickly though.

snoboard, Aug 2, 7:13am
mechanic couldnt really see a reason for it when he took it off and replaced it, guess will have to wait and see if it happens again

thewomble1, Aug 2, 7:13am
brake linings only wear when used to stop the wheels rotating. Could be one side the lining is jamming.did the car pull to one side when braking. Park works in the gearbox.Handbrake in most cars works on the wheels.some work on the drive shaft.

supernova2, Aug 2, 12:10pm
We park our auto car on a slope in driveway, if we engage park before handbrake it then becomes a task to remove from park.Park locks the front wheels but because of the slopeweight of car tends to make it ride up at the back.We find it much easier to come to stop, into neutral, apply handbrake, release footbrake, turn engine off, engage park.Sounds alot but you soon do it without thinking.

As for OP problem faulty caliper is my diagnosis

thewomble1, Aug 3, 11:06am
Font wheel drive! park works thru the gearbox to lock the wheels. Rear drive car.back wheels lock when in park

shopqueen2, Aug 3, 12:03pm
its your caliper sliders.the trick is to make sure you can get a replacement caliper before you try to free them up as they have a habbit of snapping and then your stuffed

kazbanz, Aug 3, 8:54pm
snoboard-is the brake thats not working the one exposed to the weather when you are parked!or has that side been in a minor accident!that over time can cause corrosion that makes the caliper slides stick.I'd put pretty big money that you have a stuck piston on that side and/or stuck/bent slides

budgel, Aug 4, 6:24am
I'm with thunderbolt, I just replaced some pads today on a '94 Honda Accord
that had one pad worn down almost to the backing plate and the other one on that caliper with7mm left on it. The sliders were glued up with dried out grease and rust even though the little boots were OK.

murray55, Aug 4, 7:12am
Remember to use copper grease on caliper parts .high temp wont melt.

net_oz, Aug 4, 7:54am
I don't think snoboard is a racing car driver.

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