Toyota estima,

juggie21, Jul 31, 2:24am
Toyota estima,desielwill not starthad to tow start it when started it sounds like its droped a valve blowing white smoke and black unburnt fuleruniing like a bag of sh.t

wimwom, Jul 31, 2:28am
Most commonly it has cracked a head and had some water in one of the cylinders.Did it start fine after being towed, maybe a small miss!Chances are that it will repeat each morning until fixed!You will most likely learn that the radiator is extremely blocked and been running warm for quite some time.Hope i'm wrong .

kazbanz, Jul 31, 2:29am
what led up to needing a tow start!regular use with noissues or has it been laid up awhile! -anyhoo the KNOWN issue with them??? is blowing head gaskets/cracking headsdue to lack of maintainence of the cooling system

juggie21, Jul 31, 2:38am
Its regular used about 3 -5 time a week sound like a head gaskitt but its neverover heated and is maintained regularly
be couse it woodnt start i towed it it took a bitt but startit been like the glow plugs are not working fully went to start it and no go tryed enging startstill no go

wimwom, Jul 31, 2:43am
Trouble with them is you would not be aware it over heated.They require the radiator to be removed, cleaned and new antifreeze every couple of years, if you haven't, the chances of it suffering are very high.Havingowned a number of them and learnt the hard way myself.

mugenb20b, Jul 31, 5:40am
How many k's has it done!

juggie21, Jul 31, 6:37am
Year: 1993
Submodel: ESTIMA
: Diesel


mugenb20b, Jul 31, 6:39am
3295 kms! Yeah right.

mugenb20b, Jul 31, 6:52am
3CT powered Tojo, not a bad engine as such, but the Estima's radiator gets internally blocked due to that stupid long steel pipe that goes under the engine. The pipe corrodes internally and flakes of rust get shoved into the radiator that blocks the tubes.

But anyway, take the radiator cap off (or should I say the reservoir) top up the water and start the engine. You are an auto tech and you'll know what to look for. If there's no sign of head gasket failure, take the driver's seat out, remove that awful floor and that will give you access to injectors and glow plugs. Remove glow plugs and do a compression test.

If there's an issue with compression or internal water loss, do yourself a favour and take the "egg-van" to the scrap metal recyclers. They are not really worth doing up at that age unless you have a good second hand motor sitting around.

wimwom, Jul 31, 7:54am
If it's tidy, and got warrant and licence i would recommend putting 2 seal well blocks down it once you've established its a head gasket, and run it into the ground.I did that with the one i had that failed and got a good run out of it for almost 2 years.Mine hydraulicked and bent a conrod.
I wouldn't think scrap value be that high so investing less than $20 to keep it going will be worth the effort.

kazbanz, Aug 1, 2:04am
hang on a sec--Im NOT for a second saying the most likely senario isnt that the HG is kaput.--BUT what about knackered glo plugs.-itll crank n crank with no go then if tow started might get enough speed up to fire into life--with the engine and zaust full of unburned fuel

wimwom, Aug 1, 4:13am
I should have asked if it cranked or just clicked like a flat battery! It's rarely the HG sadly but normally the head itself.

jenny188, Aug 1, 4:37am
Get a quote, after a diagnosis from your mechanic. I are a fan of these vehicles, for what they are and what they do but being diesel and of that year and k's, from here on in, keeping it may be an expensive exercise

juggie21, Aug 1, 7:20am
IT cranked over good not a flat battery sounds like its out of timeand the glow plug are workingjust fine no blowen headgasket

zephyrheaven, Aug 1, 7:21am
Wow, thought this was a thread dredge - I havent seen a running diesel 'steamer in about 6 years thank the sweet lord above!

intrade, Aug 2, 5:31pm
dont bother fixing it tow it to the metal recycler they all crack there heads every last one . 200,000km onwards next is a leaking diesel pump or even a destroyed one because you did not add any additive to lube the injection system and prevent its seals from shrinking. Then the front shocks knock like hell , then the rear diff starts wining . and and and . you will be pumping tousends of $ in to the heap if you dont do the smart thing and scrap it and get a few $ for the scrap for a better vehicle. and dont buy a mitsubishi they are as bad. other toyotas are ok but the name said it already Esteamer Enema

intrade, Aug 2, 5:34pm
find out if its cracked head . if you towstart it and it smokes thats normal once it is warm then it has to start good and normal solong the engine is still warm.when head is gone SCRAP-METAL Quick-smart

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