'Mintye' brand brake pads?

40wav, Aug 9, 6:13am
Anyone heard of these! Any good!(made in Malaysia)
I'm looking at new rotors and pads for my ute and these come in a package. Also, discs are made in China - any comments on that! I can get AC Delco rotors for less and sort my own pads (probably for less too). I think I've made up my mind as I write this but any comments appreciated. Cheers.

supernova2, Aug 9, 6:36am
Might give you a "minties Moment".Remember the ads!

zephyrheaven, Aug 9, 6:38am
Dusty / noisy / cruddy

supernova2, Aug 9, 7:16am
But where are the AC Delco rotors made!

clark20, Aug 9, 7:16am
go.to.BNT.is all I can say

40wav, Aug 9, 7:45am
Probably China aswell, but at least they have a brand name!

40wav, Aug 9, 7:49am
Thankyou, will try them. Didn't even know we had a branch here in Nelson.

40wav, Aug 9, 7:50am
Yeah, exactly what I'd like to avoid.

treachug, Aug 9, 7:50am
Yep, all those 3 - you may be better off using a block of tasty cheese.we used to sell them years ago - werent nicknamed (internally) as cheese pads for nothing.

40wav, Aug 9, 7:51am
Confirms my suspicions, cheers.

treachug, Aug 9, 7:55am
ACDelco rotors will be ok.worldwide reputable brand. I priced some the other day for a HQ & very well priced.

40wav, Aug 9, 7:57am
Anyone know what brand brake disc the VS Commodores came out with originally! My only concern is if they are AC Delco the same warping will happen again. (Might drive it a little bit like I stole it).

supernova2, Aug 9, 7:57am
So do Stihl and Magnum but China seems to have stuffed them quite nicely and although Jazz will deny it apparently these a model of Fiat thats made in China on the QT as well!lol

40wav, Aug 9, 7:59am
Very good points right there, Cheers.

supernova2, Aug 9, 7:59am
Prob some cheap Oz casting with no name.

40wav, Aug 9, 8:05am
Good point, I removed and them and gave them a good clean up not long ago and didn't see a brand name on them.

supernova2, Aug 9, 8:07am
Being GM they might be DaewooWooooooooooooHoooooooooooooo!

treachug, Aug 9, 8:08am
OEM rotors were probably PBR supplied. Factory rotors were not branded apart from part number on box.
When fitting them you should 'index' them with a dial guage. Holden recommended this to help fix customer complaints of poor braking performance

40wav, Aug 9, 8:17am
You mean when the originals were fitted! I know its a common thing for the VS rotors to warp, and these are looking original so I'm not surprised or overly concerned. I just want to replace with something worthwhile. The ute only has 160K on it.

969pnz, Aug 16, 9:38am
I have been told to observe a running in period to bed in rotors to minimise this. Anyone have info or thoughts on this!

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