Commodore window won't wind up

kelzzz, Aug 10, 1:01am
My VT window winds down but not up again. Pain in the arse! Ive googled but can only find how to take the winder off. Anyone know which part inside the door might be buggered and how much one might cost from a wreckers before I pull my whole door apart :/

elect70, Aug 10, 1:31am
Check the buttons are workingfirst , trywithotherbutton .

kelzzz, Aug 10, 1:59am
Theyre manual winders

evotime, Aug 10, 2:04am
window regulator buggered , I think theyre pop rivited to the door frame rather than bolted on commodores

dave653, Aug 10, 3:38am
Our VN leccy winder packed up a bit too. Rocking and clunking. one of the rivets holding the gizmo to the door had dissapeared. I fitted a new rivet with a small washer (the rivet hole had been flogged out) and it's like new again.

guest, Sep 25, 12:54pm
Hi Razvan and Daymon.By way of introduction I am a long time mate of Andrew Dodkins, hviang rallied against him way back in 1984, Andrew was a FORD man and rallied both Mark 1 & 2 Escorts but I had a Datsun and a Mazda 323 front wheel drive ( ex Murray Coote). Since then we teamed up to build and run a Datsun Stanza as a circuit racer at Lakeside Raceway, which is only 5 minutes down the road from home. Your top effort at Rally QLD 2011 reminds me of a young Andrew charging towards the finish in a beaten up car but stilling giving it heaps.Congratulations, you guys are worthy winners & Andrew would be proud of your commitment and attitude.Cheers, Glenn

guest, Sep 26, 5:11pm
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guest, Sep 28, 2:41pm
I used to own a HQ column shift with the 253 motor. Amazingly, at least 5 of the 6 cyreidnls actually worked.I have always maintained that to improve the handling, I should have replaced the front bench seat with bucket seats.VN:F [1.9.20_1166](from 1 vote)

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