Brake Pad Choice

40wav, Aug 27, 7:34pm
Am deciding between Calibre (Supercheap brand of Bendex, apparently) and Ferodo. For a Commodore Ute, normal use. Much difference between! Appreciate your comments. Cheers.

twink19, Aug 27, 7:59pm
I would use the proper Bendix, have used the cheap ones and they sqeal a bit

NZTools, Aug 28, 12:52am
Both are pretty average.

alltorque350, Aug 28, 12:57am
I'd recomend C Plus from BNT for a daily driver. If you carry some weight or tow a trailer try Bendex Heavy Duty (also BNT).

johnf_456, Aug 28, 2:35am
C plus, not only are they cheap they produce low dust and grip well.

thunderbolt, Aug 28, 5:04am
Depends which version of Ferodo pad you are looking at.

I would not recommend the Bendix HD pads, put them in my Falcon and dont rate them at all, average pedal feel and noise at low speed.

Hearing lots of good things about Repco TQ from trade sources.

40wav, Aug 28, 6:58am
Thanks all. Any further votes for or against C Plus!

unbeatabull, Aug 28, 7:26am
C + are good. Otherwise Bendix a good option from BNT as well.

Would stay away from Ferodo's, a lot of cars I've seen with them fitted have chewed through the rotors or worn them unevenly.

40wav, Aug 29, 7:25am
Thanks all, Will go with C-Plus. Cheers.

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