Brake pedal height/depth issue

zoe_, Aug 22, 11:42am
Hi all
I just got my Nissan Primera P11 rear brake pads changed. But it seems I have to foot down much more to get the car slow down or stop. I already pumped the brake pedal several times but still the same. I can easily kick the pedal down to the bottom.
Is there anyway I can get it back to what it used be! or a much tighter! Thanks for comments.

morrisman1, Aug 22, 12:01pm
They probably adjusted the pistons in too far. Handbrake a bit useless too!

If you keep pumping the foot brake it should come right, if not then take it back and tell them to sort it out

They have a piston that needs screwed in when the pads get replaced. this self winds out as the pads wear. If they screw it in too far then there will be slack which is what you are feeling through the pedal.

So as I said, first try pumping the brake pedal until it comes firm. If it doesnt come firm before 20 pumps then the place that did it needs to sort it out.

motorboy2011, Aug 22, 12:05pm
Best advise here is go back to where it was done, when it comes to brakes a forum isnt the safest idea. Morris is prob right though.

unclejake, Aug 22, 12:21pm
A super quick a interweb search suggested that the P11 wagon could have drum rear brakes; If that's what you have then the adjustment wasn't set properly after the shoe changeover (prolly because the handbrake was left on).

Did you do this job yourself zoe_! If you did do the job yourself and haven't started the engine yet then try that first.

lolzor123, Aug 23, 1:16am
That would've been fun getting the rear drums off with the handbrake on.

hopie, Aug 23, 1:23am
P11 id say disk brakes rear. Can also adjust at the peddal IIRC

mrfxit, Aug 23, 1:24am
If the foot brake comes up further after pumping, then you have a new problem (possibly caused by the last repair) which MAY or may not be adjustment.

Drum brakes can't be properly adjusted with the wheel off.
The proper way to adjust drum brakes is to adjust without the wheel first . THEN fit the wheel & adjust again, THEN take it for a short drive & recheck adjustment WITH the wheel on (jacked up) .

If it's got disk brakes on the back, then you have a different & possibly far more dangerous problem


mrfxit, Aug 23, 1:25am
Shouldn't need to adjust the peddle
just had new brakes fitted so should be back at factory height & would possibly be higher then previous.

bellky, Aug 23, 1:31am
If drums on back; needs adjusting.

If discs on back; needs bleeding.

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