Dead 1992 Toyota Estima van -- value?

goatchickens, Aug 18, 11:13pm
It's been using as a storage shed for nearly 2 years now, but it's a bit of an eyesore, and it has to go.It's got a blown engine (diesel).It would have had to have some other stuff done to pass a warrant and there's about 330K on the clock.So we didn't want to hassle with it.Have a friend who wants it for parts, and wants to know what we want for it. if it went for scrap, what would it get!Interior is tidy, body is tidy, but suspension wouldn't needed work, and of course a new engine.Garage said would've been over $3K of work to get it road worthy again.

gardie, Aug 18, 11:18pm
we got $300 for ours unregistered and unwarranted from one of those "we want your vans" ads in the local paper.We probably could have got more and we was registrable but we just wanted it gone and this was the easiest way.

thejazzpianoma, Aug 18, 11:21pm
I got about $350 earlier this year for a much smaller vehicle for scrap.

jonthefisho, Aug 18, 11:22pm
About $300 from a scrappy.

morrisjvan, Aug 19, 12:40am
$1.00 reserve, as long as it goes away ,that's all that matters.

ralphdog1, Aug 19, 1:27am
Looking at your user name OP I would say you already have an ideal use for it, that is about all they are good for.

shaun16, Aug 19, 2:16am
mother got $250 for her dead car recently (from the local wreckers) and they picked it up from her house (rural address)

gammelvind, Aug 19, 3:25am
$300 seems to be about the going rate for scrap, plus they come and take it away.

goatchickens, Aug 19, 9:04am
Ain't that the truth!

intrade, Aug 19, 6:52pm
most dont pay a cent when they collect only at scrap-jard you get money in whangarei anyhow its the case

franc123, Aug 19, 8:04pm
That crowd that operates the spaceship rental vans might be interested, when you have a fleet the size of theirs it would pay to have a few about that you could rob parts of, both mechanical and body. It would have to be worth at least five hundy to the right person, I'd buck reserve before I sold it to a wrecker.Some common bits that need replacing are not cheap genuine and simply aren't available aftermarket, you'd get the purchase price of a parts van back very quickly I'd have thought.

the-lada-dude, Aug 19, 8:28pm
i'll give you 2 feral goats, 3 chickens, and a dozen eggs for it !

goatchickens, Aug 19, 9:03pm
intrade - in our experience here, with a couple of dead cars a few years' back, the scrappies who collected also paid $200 for each vehicle.

franc123 - thanks for that, hadn't even thought of that!

the-lada-dude -- have more than enough of all the above, thanks! 8 )

spud1991, Aug 21, 6:57am
Got $500 for a small Mazda with a blown head gasket this year. Expect anywhere from $250-$500.

gemini_gurl, Aug 21, 8:41am
I got $450 for a Nissan Serena a couple months ago. Shop around lol

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