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tgray, Sep 9, 7:56am
His car was stolen and later found with a full tank of petrol.
The thieves had filled up and driven off without paying (previously had a quarter tank) and the gas station is out of pocket.
He seems chuffed with himself that he got a free tank of gas out of it.
My question is, isn't the petrol stolen property!
Mr. Holmes is a man of means and he would have used the petrol anyway, so don't you think he should reimburse the petrol station, rather than congratulate himself on his freebee!

intrade, Sep 9, 8:00am
his insurance should pay the gas station and take it off the thieve once they found em.

tgray, Sep 9, 8:05am
It was only $150.
Do you think it should have to do through insurance companies!

supernova2, Sep 9, 8:06am
No - he's receiving stolen goods.

bevharris1938, Sep 9, 8:08am
do you think it would be any different if the theives stole $150 worth of groceries from countdown and left them in the back of the car !

intrade, Sep 9, 8:11am
its definetly not his fuel the insurance probably has to pay for other things on his car i assume so the 150$ was also damage done while it was stolen therefor should be paid by insurance . I would rule that if i was a judge

trogedon, Sep 9, 8:13am
He's put on some weight lately. Short and fat.

toyboy3, Sep 9, 8:25am
what about yourself

saxman99, Sep 9, 8:27am
1.It's at least partly his own fault it was stolen.

2.He would have used the fuel eventually anyway; I accept it might not have been from that shop.

3.He is financially stable.

4.$150 is not worth the insurance BS.

5.It was due to the stations quick action that he got the car back.

He should go round there with a crate and say "Thanks for helping get my car back guys, what do I owe you for the gas!" and give them the opportunity to refuse the offer.

saxman99, Sep 9, 8:28am
I'm not sure that's relevant. !

whqqsh, Sep 9, 8:33am
probably that out of it he forgot where he left the car or loaned it out & forgot. now as usual someone elses fault

tgray, Sep 9, 8:35am
No damage done to his car.
He left the keys in the car, so partially responsible surely.
Little disappointed personally, that he would not only be driving a Jeep Cherokee, but a 9 year old one! At least it's a V8.

patiki1, Sep 9, 9:33am
If a nobody owned the car,would anyone care!Just because paul owned it the petrol station got some free advertisement.

pollymay, Sep 9, 9:45am
At least the police used their heads and got the car back promptly. Next time I get something stolen I'm going to pretend to be paul holmes so I get it back

ralphdog1, Sep 9, 10:05am
Correct me if I am wrong, but why would the insurance company be responsible for third party damage when it was being used by someone whom had stolen it! Their contract is with the vehicle's owner and from the perspective of the tank of petrol the insured did not suffer a loss.

v8_mopar, Sep 9, 10:25am
To true he should!

curlcrown, Sep 9, 10:27am
Perhaps he could return the fuel to the petrol station instead.

nzfatie, Sep 10, 12:16am
C'mon give Paul a break!
This 'receiving stolen property' claim is a red herring.
It's the thieves responsibility to pay for the stolen petrol and they'll no doubt be ordered to by the court.
BTW you can't return fuel in your vehicle because of possible contamination, just like you can't return an unopened bottle of green top milk to the supermarket to swap for a blue top!

smac, Sep 10, 12:21am
Leaving your keys in your car does NOT make it your fault it got stolen. It makes it more likely to get taken, but those are two different things.

mopsy3, Sep 10, 1:29am
IMO he should pay the petrol station for it. He can afford it and he is going to use it. The worst part of the whole thing is the media reporting it as if he was proud about getting a free tank of gas. I hope that was just poor reporting.

jmma, Sep 10, 1:35am
Take Paul out of the equation for a moment, what would you do !

elect70, Sep 10, 1:54am
Ah butpaying itcould be an admission ofguilt , best to do nothing& leave it to insurance co .to sort out .

richynuts, Sep 10, 5:12am
Lucky paul even got his car back, I think the insurance company would be a bit annoyed to be paying out on a car that had it keys left in it!

supernova2, Sep 10, 6:51am
Paul is a twat.

mantagsi, Sep 10, 7:14am
I wonder if anyone has any idea how slim the profits are on $150 of gas! Believe it or not but that is a big chunk to a servo. I feel that he should pay them and give them thanks for helping with the theft of his car. Mind you I remember him when he was on ZB, him and his clone Hosking both seem pretty twatty

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