Brake pads and discs

stevo275, Sep 11, 7:13am
car needs new brake pads how do you tell if the discs need machining

sterid01, Sep 11, 7:30am
If they have grooves in them or any cracks they should be replaced , place a pic on here if you want .

unbeatabull, Sep 11, 8:37pm
Grooves etc can be machined out. Generally you machine them if they have an excessive lip or grooving on them, or are slightly warped, or giving you brake shudder etc.

Only need to be replaced if they are under the minimum thickness.

mm12345, Sep 11, 8:59pm
what he said.They'll have the start of wear/grooves on them the first time you use the brakes.Knowing when they need to be machined or replaced is the issue - if you machine them as soon as you start to see signs of wear, then you may as well buy a new car every day, as everything else starts wearing out as soon as you use the car too.

guest, Sep 20, 7:09am
The rotors need to be measured with verniers to see if they are below manufcturers specs. If their still good you can get them skimmed

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