Advice re car - ready to sell my Estima after

jane310567, Sep 23, 10:29am
10 yrs! - need a car that can fit hubby and 3 teenage boys plus large dog. Don't want another van - needs to be fuel efficient approx $20 000. Its a minefield out there! Help.

jane310567, Sep 23, 10:31am
oh and no european cars please - been burnt with these.

intrade, Sep 23, 10:39am
the estima belongs in the crusher

extrayda, Sep 23, 10:41am
don't listen to intrade - he's just jealous of the awesome Estima :-)
Falcon / Commodore! Since you don't want another van.

jane310567, Sep 23, 10:17pm
I actually love my Estima - but is too big for running around now the kids are older and don't want to cart their friends everywhere. Starting to cost me a fortune in fuel. Would prefer a medium car over a large one. Been looking at a Ford Focus but not sure if it will fit the dog.

thejazzpianoma, Sep 24, 5:23am
Just curious. who do you think makes the Ford Focus!
The Japanese!

countrypete, Sep 24, 5:24am
Last time I checked, it was Ford.

franc123, Sep 24, 5:34am
You don't want a Euro yet you are looking at a Focus! Ahem, hate to burst your bubble but its a Ford Europe product, and a very good one too.

thejazzpianoma, Sep 24, 5:45am
.and have some of the very best technology the 1980's have to offer!

jane310567, Sep 24, 5:45am
thx, I like the caldina - a good size - i honestly don't really care if it looks boring - I drive an Estima!

blackcat17, Sep 24, 9:21am
Not sure about the Avensis, I know everyone has a story to tell, but friends bought one brand new and the gearbox failed on it at about 35,000 and a headlight assembly melted (2.5K!). I believe they are made in Europe too.

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