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clark20, Sep 14, 11:03am
I wondered what that noise was, maybe should have looked.

jmma, Sep 14, 11:06am
That is unbelievable

thunderbolt, Sep 14, 11:10am
High performance Slotted rotors!

johnf_456, Sep 14, 11:30am

zoltec45, Sep 14, 8:21pm
Thats America in a nutshell, no WoFs in mosts states leads to this

morrisman1, Sep 14, 8:25pm
they are wear indicators. When they get down and disappear you need new rotors

zoltec45, Sep 14, 9:50pm

clark20, Sep 14, 10:57pm
I have seen one at a BNT shop, it does happen here

mrfxit, Sep 14, 10:59pm
WHY oh. WHY . %%$$@

mrfxit, Sep 14, 10:59pm
Would suspect either a sticky caliper or left foot braker

therafter1, Sep 14, 11:15pm
This is not at all uncommon !

We even get them where the disc pads have long since been spat out and the calliper piston/s is all that is gripping the remains of the rotors !

And we keep seeing threads on here from people claiming that WOF's and there frequency in this country is over the top . codswallop, you only have to work in a workshop for a while to see the substandard condition of a lot of the death traps that people are running around in.

Personal responsibility is all very well for those of us that can afford and maintain late model low K vehicles, but what about the rest ! . we have vehicles presented to us that have 6 mth out of date WOF's stuck on their windows because they can't afford the six monthly inspection fee, let alone the costs associated with maintaining a vehicle to WOF standard . and the only reason why the bleeding thing has finally been presented for a WOF is because they have been 'unlucky' enough to encounter a check point and have been issued a compliance ticket, otherwise they would still be coming at you and I at 100 plus clicks in their death traps !

NZTools, Sep 15, 3:14am
I've done several of those in chch over the years.

splinter67, Sep 15, 3:20am
Dam just when I thought I was using my discs to maximum use obviously not lol

mugenb20b, Sep 15, 3:31am
Who is she!

johnf_456, Sep 15, 3:38am
nice stir

kevymtnz, Sep 15, 4:22am

cowlover, Sep 15, 9:39pm
Good reason to do away with WOF inspections.

jason18, Sep 15, 9:43pm
My cherry picker. Brake flicked itself on while I was driving home. (my fault for not disengaging it properly. Starting pissing blue smoke out 1h into drive. Result is. 2 cracked rotors, Calipers smoking. 1 set of brake pads fallen out somewhere! Other set of calipers were bent the wrong way. Very expensive mistake since they dont make the hubs/discs anymore

mykl, Sep 16, 2:03am
Should be good for another 50,000 k's

splinter67, Sep 16, 2:06am
You might need god if ya try to get 50,000 out of those

therafter1, Sep 16, 2:08am
You won't get another 50k out of that mess, it needs disc pads lol

morrisman1, Sep 16, 3:13am

kevin_the_kiwi, Sep 16, 11:37am
Haha you win. My pic was from reddit, the bird who took her car in for a different reason refused to get them fixed so he made her sign a waiver (yes from the US.)

motorboy2011, Sep 16, 11:44am
and then you refit them to a honda

scuba, Sep 16, 9:06pm
swap the pads from left to right- there's another 5k in those.

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