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maclad, Nov 12, 6:28pm
Has anybody had dealings with Thrifty Car Rentals in Tauranga. Did they go OK or were there problems.

s_nz, Nov 12, 10:24pm
Thrifty is one of the big international players. Its owned by Hertz.

I would expect that you would get the service you expect from a big international brand, perhaps with a slighty lower price-point and quality than the flagship hertz brand.

As with all the international brands, they charge a heap for any add ons like snow chains, child seats, excess reduction etc. Standard excess is $4000 / $5000 depending on car class. Reducing that to zero will cost $46 / $52 per day depending on vehicle class.

Note that NZ insurance companies will charge the entire excess for any damage (even for damage that is not your fault, like damage when parked), then refund the money not spent when the repair is complete.

sw20, Nov 12, 10:55pm
Pro tip. If you ever contemplate buying out the excess on your rental. Don't.

Get domestic travel insurance. It will be like $20-$30 for a week, rather than per day with the car rental outfit, and it will cover the full excess up to around $5k.

bigfatmat1, Oct 25, 1:06pm
Yep hired a car off them at Xmas silky smooth

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