Covid causes rental car issues in Tasmania

serf407, Dec 8, 10:28pm
Is this going to happen in NZ?

Shortage of rental cars in Tasmania causes problems for tourists expecting to get a cheap hire in the New Year.
It is not post-pandemic yet - sleepy journo

blueviking, Dec 9, 6:40am
If you live in Auckland drive down the Sou western motorway and just past the cemetery there is a field of over 1000 rental motorhomes

gblack, Dec 9, 7:15am
In Queenstown there is a field of rental cars and motorhomes near the Airport as well.

I just booked a rental car for a holiday in Queenstown, first week of 2021. I normally budget about $50 a day for a cheap rental and don't worry about booking in advance, but there was less choice than normal and I ended up booking with a discount for close to $80 per day.

Rental cars in Auckland seemed to be half the price of Queenstown when I looked.

Seems strange that the rental car companies are preferring to park up the cars rather than sell them or give more discount on hire. Would have looked at hiring a motorhome if they were cheaper

sw20, Oct 12, 2:45pm
We rented a new Highlander for $60 a day back in July.

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