95 Carolla, no power steering ?

wfl1, Oct 25, 3:50am
Looking at a corolla for my daughter, Took one for a test drive .Steering very stiff, poped the bonnet, no power steering, any one aware of this year and model without power steering !, thought it was pretty much standard on these models, just to add jap import not NZ new.

curlcrown, Oct 25, 4:13am
I've had a couple without power steering although even without power steering they are not excessivly heavy. Maybetyre pressure was low.

phillip.weston, Oct 25, 4:13am
would have been the base model 1300cc model.

andy61, Oct 25, 4:18am
Is the Carolla a Chinese copy of a Corolla!

wfl1, Oct 25, 4:21am
andy61 wrote:
Is the Carolla a Chinese copy of a Corolla![/quote

Jokes on me! Sorry about the typo

wfl1, Oct 25, 4:28am
According to carjam its the 1500 model unless its had a engine transplant.

pebbles61, Oct 25, 4:44am
You don't need power steering :D

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