Diesel engine surging at idle

paull, Nov 4, 11:20pm
i have a 93 mitsubishi canter 2.8 5spd, great little truck but i have noticed in the last few days the engine surges at idle, dosent surge much but maybe 2-300 rpm and this is not consistant maybe every 5 seconds or so,thx Paul

twaymouth, Nov 4, 11:59pm
Silly question but is the AC on! Some diesel engines will surge at idle if the AC is on, about every 5 seconds or so the rpm will climb as the compressor kicks in.

mrfxit, Nov 5, 12:22am
200 or 300 rpm is a lot on most commercial & older diesels

That's about the same difference between 100kph & 120kph on my Surf

mrfxit, Nov 5, 12:25am
Pin hole or loose joint in an air /vacuum pipe/ inlet manifold gasket.
Are you positive the throttle lever on the pump is still held tight shut by the spring

bobwyn, Nov 5, 3:49am
how long since fuel filter was changed good place to start and then air cleaner.

jenny188, Nov 5, 7:49am
Take the air filter out when engine warm. Does it still do it! If not: clean or replace it. Have in the 70- 80's had 2 boat motors and 1 truck motor start to surge. All 3 had pinhole to split, in fuel pump diaphragm. Two of the motors over fueledand over-reved to destruction (1 boat, 1 truck). Diesels need 2 things to make them run, fuel and air. If the problems not air its worth your while to take it to a diesel specialist.

mugenb20b, Nov 5, 7:52am
3 things.you forgot compression.

paull, Nov 5, 8:08am
thx for the help will check those things over the weekend,

intrade, Feb 1, 11:44am
i would inspect the fuel-filter if it has engine oil in there = no additive was used and now seal have shrunk and air gets in problem will get worse if it is air till it wont start at all after longer shutdown. other problems can be vaccume hose unplugged somwhere - recommended is to delet the egr if the injector pump is fully mechanical