Why would Odometer DECREASE at WOF?

bellky, Nov 7, 2:56am
could be a mistakes

could be anything

joanie32, Nov 7, 2:58am
dyslexia is a prerequsiteto become a W.O.F. inspector.

studio1, Nov 7, 3:00am
Usually it's because the person filling in the check sheet mis-reads or mis-writes the reading.
Commonly you see previous readings e.g. 344,750 and the subsequent reading is 35,875 because they left the last digit off. Other reasons can include the speedo or dash being replaced.

valleystream, Nov 7, 3:00am
Yeah but twice in different years!

vtecnet, Nov 7, 3:03am
I'd suspect its been clocked, 2x, by a moron that doesn't realise that if the reading is lower from one WOF to the next that it shows up on reports like these.

johnf_456, Nov 7, 3:03am
It happens, especially on older cars which have five digit odo with the last one m

bellky, Nov 7, 3:04am
what sort of car!. how old!. is it diesel!. more info buddy if you want more info. give us the car jam page.

valleystream, Nov 7, 3:05am
2004 Swift

vtecnet, Nov 7, 3:11am
It looks to me that the current owner has done this to keep the km's down so that the resale price is still decent.
They could have got away with it if they had 1/2 a brain and ensured that the readings never went backwards between WOF's

bellky, Nov 7, 3:12am
looks pretty straight and owned by granny! gotta be mistakes.!

do they have service records!

vtecnet, Nov 7, 3:31am
seems like too many mistakes for only that many WOF checks, compare to my car, http://www.carjam.co.nz/car/!plate=zd5482 its had loads of wof checks and was only entered wrong once. by 10km

valleystream, Nov 7, 3:32am
Thanks all. Have asked for service records.

neville48, Nov 7, 3:35am
Idiots in responsible positions is the problem. I imported a car from USA and the idiot doing the paperwork put 513,000miles instead of 51,300miles, now I have to jump through hoops to get it changed back.

morrisman1, Nov 7, 3:41am
can you even clock a 2004 swift! I thought they would have a digital dash

valleystream, Nov 7, 3:42am
I read you can buy machines to alter it

kazbanz, Nov 7, 4:27am
THAT comment is at best I feel you trying to be a smartalec at the OP's expense. Its a pretty silly thing to say.
look at the curve and its clear that its a typo by the wof person.
Run a line between the earlier and later wof checks and you can see it was a keying error

valleystream, Nov 7, 4:35am
Thanks kazbanz.

lookoutas, Nov 7, 5:38am
That's a pretty accurate explanation.

utwo, Nov 7, 6:11am
That just makes the job easier.

jenny188, Nov 7, 6:24am
lots of reversing, lol. for this to have 2 "drops"is a bit suspicious. maybe faulty speedo replaced with second hand one! Twice.

ryanm2, Nov 7, 6:29am
no, it will be the same wof inspector/mechanic/monkey with the same fat fingers.

lovemore_mbigi, Nov 7, 6:07pm
Wof inspectors are innumerate.

Funny numbers on a car's licence record are as common as mud.

hawkeye30, Nov 8, 1:11am
We are selling a truck at the moment and it is very obvious the numbers have been entered wrong. In car jam it dips quite bad but then comes up again. If you carry the dipped part in a straight line it would be consistant with the rest ie just a gentle upward swing in the km's the truck has travelled! But how many people check the numbers the wof inspectors enter! I never do!

kazbanz, Feb 8, 1:03pm
To be honest I'm very aware of this issue so although I'm not soposed to I personally enter the milage onto the WOF sheet before giving it to the inspector.That then means an error can only be a keying error