Subaru Forester 2004? Opinions.

krizz, Nov 7, 9:11pm
Looking at one of these to buy for $9995, done 160,000 NZ new.are-
they reliable! Hard on fuel and tyres!

charisma26, Nov 7, 10:16pm
How many litres is this car!

wasser61, Nov 7, 10:55pm
I had one Subaru in my life, and all I can say is that when they measured the fuel consumption, they must have removed everything, Doors, Glass, Seats, All bolt on panels. and then drove it down a hill with a tailwind.
The fuel consumption was simply atrocious around town. and not much better in the country.

It was a 2.5 Litre.

fryan1962, Nov 7, 11:07pm
love the sound of them potently to be stolen I believe they are very popular amongst joy riders

krizz, Nov 8, 6:11am
Oh dear, I bought it this afternoon!

ninja_man, Nov 8, 6:14am
my mum has a forester xs 2005. no problems at all. fuel economy isnt bad either

trdbzr, Feb 9, 5:02pm
Well it will drink quite a lot of fuel, so try to drive like a nana unless you like complaining about fuel bills. Also they are a favourite for thieves so insurance will be alot higher when compared to similar cars, but have a good alarm put in if it already doesn't have one, mainly to have some sort of deterrence against the joy riders. Don't go overkill and put in some top of the range alarm, an alarm is only as good as the install and most of the pro's know how to get around most of them. Better to have an average alarm with 1-2 internal sirens.