Which V8 Should I buy.

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vtecnet, Sep 17, 1:03am
I don't mind the 750il's, but a mate had one, the engine didn't have the sound I want, i prefer the V8 sound for some reason.

pollymay, Sep 17, 1:55am
BMW if you know a bit about fixing them ie diagnosing when an afm is about to die or the timing tensioner about to collapse. Ford if you just want the noise and do skids, and holden if you want the noise and do skids while drinking double brown hanging it out the window in one hand with a tattoo down your arm.

xacoon, Sep 17, 2:13am
one that you like. and not just because everyone else likes it.

edangus, Sep 17, 2:28am
With ya there.

richard198, Sep 17, 2:44am
I like the BMWs but would avoid the V8s; prone to problems.

phillip.weston, Sep 17, 2:46am
Pity about the ugly turd the motor is surrounded by.

bignzer1, Sep 17, 2:53am
Sorry forgot to check were you are. I agree with the_don_61 the Nissan were a good V8 and not so common so would be a good talking point

stevexc, Sep 17, 2:55am
I've got the Fairmont version of that and it has given me no problems in the 2 years I've owned it.Then again it only has 104,000km on it now so I don't expect major problems.

The original owner (I'm the second owner) had the catalytic converters removed and SVO headers installed.Other than that the exhaust is the factory stainless setup, sounds like a V8 :)

stevexc, Sep 17, 2:56am
You can solve that problem by buying a Cima instead.Much nicer!Those Leopards look like an oversized Bluebird ARX.

bignzer1, Sep 17, 3:09am
I have always liked the Fairmonts and Fairlanes if you are going V8 you may as well go the whole way and drive in style and luxury.

fiatracer, Sep 17, 3:43am
I'd go for the BMW 540 or 740, having owned both. My 540 was an NZ new E34, near mint - a really lovely example in black with gray leather. I only paid 5500 about 5 years ago !

phillip.weston, Sep 17, 3:47am
I like the Cima, but in that class of big engined luxury sedans I would much prefer something somewhat prestigious like a BMW.

sr2, Sep 17, 4:39am
LOL, cracked me up!

vtecnet, Sep 17, 6:43am
Hehe some interesting feedback, I noticed that you can buy a 740i for about 2.5% of the price it was brand new. 540i's about 5% of new price. etc. they seem to have nice interiors and build quality. I guess i'll go look at some cars and see what I personally like.

bent_ate, Sep 17, 7:33am
+1 for sure

sifty, Sep 17, 9:25am
a blue one.

guider1, Sep 17, 10:39am
They must be good alright. there's a guy on here selling multiple Nissan V8's all with screwed cranks. now that's reassuring.

roadkillcafe, Sep 17, 11:03am
if you have to ask you shouldnt buy one.

vtecnet, Sep 17, 11:29am
Sure! because you said so, why not. mmmmm I was just seeing what ideas people had about certain models. performance wise these cars are a major step down to what I am used to, but I'm getting older and like the idea of a car that's as comfy to cruise around in as a lounge suite. I only do 150km's a week on average, so even if the car uses 30L/100k i can still afford to run it easily.

roadkillcafe, Sep 17, 12:10pm
stick with what youve got.its obviously made you happy to date. i havent felt the need to ask anyone what kinda car i should buy since i was 15.

roadkillcafe, Sep 17, 12:18pm
i really dont mean to come across as rude, but really.you should know what you want and if youve never wanted something as fundamental as a sifnificantly particular engine configuration by the time your say, 20,i reckon its not for ya.just sayin'.

stevexc, Sep 17, 8:32pm
Bollocks!I've owned Aussie V8s and DOHC vtec Hondas and been very happy with them.

There is no rule that says you can only like one type of car.

whqqsh, Sep 17, 8:42pm
just go & drive a few,take note how much you smile with each one & then youll have your answer

guider1, Sep 17, 8:44pm
There was a real nice VN V8 Calais on here for some time but it seems to have disappeared now. Was a real nice unmolested car in your price range. bugga.

lookoutas, Sep 17, 8:47pm
Now that really is "Well said"

Although there's nothing wrong with a new BMW.