Engine spotters - try this!

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grangies, Nov 8, 7:38am

carstauranga001, Nov 8, 7:38am
Alfa Romeo

dr.doolittle, Nov 8, 7:41am
Riley or Alfa!

unclejake, Nov 8, 7:47am
I shall go with Honda S2000

pa2, Nov 8, 7:48am
triumph herald

fordcrzy, Nov 8, 7:56am
ford flathead.

dr.doolittle, Nov 8, 8:09am
Subaru powered maybe!

mugenb20b, Nov 8, 8:14am
Rolls Royce.

pge, Nov 8, 8:20am

jmma, Nov 8, 8:37am

m16d, Nov 8, 8:39am

fordcrzy, Nov 8, 8:43am

quickstitch, Nov 8, 8:44am

nathanmac, Nov 8, 8:56am
Is it home made! Sump looks like something I made in form 2 metalwork.

morrisman1, Nov 8, 9:05am
BMW v8 where the flow is reversed!

socram, Nov 8, 9:11am
Nope.All wrong.Yes, it is a Riley, but not a Riley engine.Keep going.Certainly glad I was watching that rather than Falcodores at Puke anyway.

un_known, Nov 8, 9:13am

ninja_man, Nov 8, 9:14am
holden s/c 3.6!

thejazzpianoma, Nov 8, 9:16am
I will play the odds and say Fiat, that covers the majority of decent engines in the world.

thejazzpianoma, Nov 8, 9:18am
Actually, if I may I will take an extra guess.
Given how close those pipes are to the paint and the lack of blistering I am going to say its electric. That and the very square sump which may not be a sump at all.

howz_that, Nov 8, 9:19am

socram, Nov 8, 9:20am
Nope.Try a bit of lateral thinking.

Apparently beautifully constructed - but I didn't get the chance to talk to the owner.Anyone who would sabotage a car like that with a Subaru or Honda or heaven forbid, rotary engine wouldn't be too popular!

nathanmac, Nov 8, 9:28am
Cessna - or whatever sort of engine they have in them!!

peja, Nov 8, 9:31am
Chery!Great Wall maybe!

morrisman1, Nov 8, 9:33am
I don't think it would be an aviation engine, it would be unusual for the manifolds to be like that.

unless of course they have flipped a tiger moth engine upside down! They were inverted 4 cylinder.

So my guess on that note will be a gypsy major engine