Engine spotters - try this!

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kevymtnz, Nov 8, 9:33am

ginga4lyfe, Nov 8, 9:38am
I would say it would have to be a flat head of some sort, maybe a Ford or Cadillac ! I dont think Rolls Royce made anything that small, I would also maybe hazard a guess at a Mercedes flat head!

gunhand, Nov 8, 9:38am
Goldwing, God, could be anything lol.Cortina motor!

howz_that, Nov 8, 9:41am
perhaps something industrial, tank engine or the likes

nathanmac, Nov 8, 9:41am
I just seem to recall reading something a year or two back about someone building a Riley speedster or something with an aircraft motor - but don't remember any details.I'm not even sure now if it was a NZ publication I was reading now that I think about it.

saxman99, Nov 8, 9:44am
Datsun 1200.

unclejake, Nov 8, 9:45am
I sort of cheated and will not post again. LOL.

nathanmac, Nov 8, 9:56am
I'm glad you fessed up on my Facebook. I can now stop looking at that photo and sleep tonight!

thejazzpianoma, Nov 8, 10:10am
Its funny you say that. You can get a Riley/Ford engine. except its not the same Riley that made the cars.
Its a George Riley head that bolts on to what I think is a Model A or B block. They are a performance mod for Model A's, period speedsters etc.

nathanmac, Nov 8, 10:12am
From memory it was an overhead valve conversion, google will confirm or disprove that though.

thejazzpianoma, Nov 8, 11:10am
Quite right, this is the sucker:

I would love to build a period Model A speedster one day, I have seen a couple of fantastic ones in NZ and there are just so many great goodies like these heads you can get.

thejazzpianoma, Nov 8, 11:15am
Yeah, similar level of sophistication too.

lugee, Nov 8, 1:54pm

rob_man, Nov 8, 8:18pm
More like an Ardun conversion only half of one.

rob_man, Nov 8, 8:26pm
I can't see where the exhaust ports are on that motor.

socram, Nov 8, 8:31pm
And the chocolate fish goes to morrisman.It is indeed a Tiger Moth engine.

sifty, Nov 8, 9:01pm
Ooh I was gonna say that.yep the Tiger moth engine was 'upside down'.
Interesting car. Would love to see an aircraft radial engined special.

socram, Nov 8, 9:51pm
I'll be ringing the owner shortly hoping he'll be able to display it at Big Boys Toys.

morrisman1, Nov 8, 10:29pm
mmm chocolate. I bet its a very cruisy car to drive, all torque and no revs!

rob_man, Nov 8, 11:08pm
I've seen archival footage of a similar racing special with what may have been a Gypsy Moth engine, so much torque that if the driver wasn't careful with the throttle it would do a 180 before you could blink.
The Lycoming Special was geared up 2:1 from memory.

socram, Nov 8, 11:47pm
Sounded awesome and it is always a treat to see a car you haven't seen before being driven with a bit of right foot.Pic taken at the Waitemata Vintage Car Club annual Chelsea Sugar Works hillclimb, Sunday.

I'm also hoping the car will run at the Easter Hampton Downs Vintage meeting, in which case, I'm taking my overalls and helmet and will be badgering him for a ride (in the passenger seat of course), video camera clutched tightly in hand.Once again, I have been invited to do the commentary for them, so I'm sure I should be able to wangle it somehow.

whqqsh, Nov 9, 2:41am

rob_man, Nov 9, 2:48am
Wow, six litre four cylinder engine. No wonder it's so bloody torquey, 300 ft/lbs.

socram, Nov 9, 2:51am
That is the one!Don't youjust love it!Robin unfortunately turned down the opportunity to display at BBT.

morrisman1, Feb 11, 1:03pm
fantastic! I was half expecting him to yell "clear prop" after that intensive throttle priming session!