What is an "e brake"

mrfxit, Nov 18, 9:52pm
Hunting through some random listings (as you do) & come across an "E-brake" bracket for a Surf & I go thinking HUH!.

Yea ok, so I did work it out later but WHY oh WHY do ppl have to use abbreviations in listing titles, bad enough in the listings but the TITLE!
Is it suppose to make them sound high tech/ modern or something !

intrade, Nov 18, 9:57pm
what do you think e stands for. electric one would guess.
not mutch space on title to write.

meathead_timaru, Nov 18, 10:00pm
It's a 'virtual' brake.

robell, Nov 18, 10:12pm
Toyota have teamed up with Apple and the new Iphone 5 will allow you to download an app and set and adjust brake bias via your phone. great if going from tarseal to gravel or towing heavy objects etc

saxman99, Nov 19, 2:00am
The Americans refer to the Parking Brake or Handbrake as an "E-Brake".It means Emergency Brake as that is all they ever use it for:use it to slow the car if your hydraulic brakes should fail.When parking they just drop the auto trans into Park and use that as the means to stop the car from rolling away.

mrfxit, Nov 19, 3:09am
LOL, Mmmm they may well call it that NOW but never in 40+ years have I heard ANY nationality cal it an "E-brake" before.

Yea noted that habit with auto;s many years ago, they evendo it with manuals.

saxman99, Nov 19, 3:32am

mrfxit, Nov 19, 3:40am
LOL & yep 99% of that still refers to it as a "park brake" not an E-brake.

Mmmmm . things that make you go >>> Mmmmm

petermcg, Nov 19, 4:06am
Here we go boys and girls,, why did it take me me sort this one.

lookoutas, Nov 19, 5:34am
It's what Japanese say when someone pulls out in front of them!

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