R20 mistral brake problem

bert37, Nov 29, 12:09am
ok so its a wet day here in the deep southso i decided to change the front brake pads on my mistral, took the old one out and pushed the plungers back in with a g clamp fitted the new pads , started it up and pushed the brake pedal down and pumped it a couple of time expecting it to come up tight and it doesbut then slowly goes back down, like there is air in the system, so have bleed the brake front and rear no difference still a spounge pedal, brakes work but pedal goes right down, any ideas of what i have done is there some thing in the master cly i have pushed out of place! an ideas

bert37, Nov 29, 12:10am
oh no air in the system and no leaks are visable

thunderbolt, Nov 29, 12:43am
Sounds like the master cyl seals have failed, possibly by being pushed over a corroded cylinder bore.
Try clamping front and rear hoses, if pedal is hard it's not the master.
Then release each clamp and retest until you isolate problem area

toyboy3, Nov 29, 12:49am
Pushing the fluid back into the mastercylinder is a bigNO NO.
Anyway, first check the pads are the correct ones , then make surethey are correctly seatedand the slides are free in the calipers . then replace the master cylinder

bert37, Nov 29, 4:30am
ok sorted thanks guys, was a wee burr on one of the pads that made it bind, few strokes of the file solved the problem

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