Replaced Radiator Top Tank

firemansgirl, Dec 19, 5:39am
This is further to a previous post I had. Turns out I had a split on the (plastic) top tank of the radiator. Entire engine bay coated in coolant. New tank has been fitted and I got the car back tonight. It is running fine, it DID smell really hot and when I got home I noticed there was a bit of smoke wafting from under the bonnet. Opened it and it seems to be coming from around the housing that the oil dipstick sits into and off the sides of it. Oil level has not changed. Oil temp normal. Would this just be the coolant and stuff burning off! Can't ring the mechanic until tomorrow now but if it's normal burnoff I'd like to know. Please, anyone.

franc123, Dec 19, 5:45am
Most likely yes, if there are no obvious signs of dripping with the engine running from anywhere, antifreeze residue can take a while to burn off. If it continues to do it by all means get it double checked, the snag sometimes with cooling system work is that a fresh strong dose of new antifreeze can create seepage from seals and gaskets and even water pumps if you are unlucky. Pays to keep a close eye on the coolant level for a few weeks afterwards.

firemansgirl, Dec 19, 5:50am
Thanks! I'm hoping so. There is nothing dripping. But it's sure embarrassing, you stop at lights and smoke wafts and people point and stare. interestingly no-one offers to helplol. And the test will be when I drive it Auckland to Wellington shortly.

intrade, Dec 20, 5:24am
what is the temperture gague reading.
I personally throw radiators out when the top is gone the core cant be far from gone either.

firemansgirl, Dec 20, 5:56am
All is well with my car. I got the engine bay steam cleaned today which got rid of the acrid smell from the coolant that had sprayed everywhere and took it for a good motorway run to dry everything off. Runs sweet, and temperature gauge is well within normal range. Radiator repairer checked the core, all is fine so hopefully now problem free running.

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