Fixing plastic fuel tank

xacoon, Dec 23, 9:41am
what product is best to use to seal small splits in a plastic fuel tank!

skin1235, Dec 23, 9:43am
a match!

skin1235, Dec 23, 9:44am
no, seriously, do you really want a weakened tank in the boat or the boot

xacoon, Dec 23, 9:45am
nope, but its for a lawnmower so those two options are of no concern.

esprit, Dec 23, 9:47am
POR15 do a fuel tank repair kit. It's a coating that lines the inside and seals up rust holes etc.

skin1235, Dec 23, 9:50am
lol, I shoulda known,

heat or aged!, lower tank or up around the top

I've sealed a quad plastic tank with a half cup of epiglass resin, pour it in and keep it moving until it sets, hasn't leaked yet and it's done some hard yards since

xacoon, Dec 23, 9:53am
I think it is a case of someone leaning a bit hard on the spanner when tightening the bolts, and a bit of age thrown in. unfortunately it is on the bottom of the tank, otherwise i wouldnt bother too much about fixing.

skin1235, Dec 23, 9:58am
so a couple of tablespoons of resin and redrill the bolt and access holes!

even a great chunk torn out can be fixed with a bit of careful bog work

xacoon, Dec 23, 10:05am
actually the tank has bolts top and botton, and the bottom mount is slotted, so I could just epoxy the bolts in place. right, might have to see who I can flog some epoxy off in the morning.

panelvanner, Dec 24, 12:21am
Use emerkit/kneadit/mendent or the like, cheap and work well. Very strong and fuel proof. (Like the pun!). I have used it to repair a hole in a Carburettor Brass float, was that way untill I sold the carbs, after 4-5 years running. Also a MB fuel tank.

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