Rear window - broken by brick what are the chances

angelah1, Dec 25, 7:41am
of getting it fixed at a glass repair place like Smith & Smith on Thursday!Do they get ordered in based on model of the car or do they have the galss which they can cut to size!Its a Mitsubishi Galant 1993 and insured.Sons first car, had it 3 weeks, some F-wit went down the street and broke about four windows on cars last night.Need it fixed by the weekend as they had New Years roadtrip to Queenstown planned and he has worked too hard to get car, pay for trip etc to miss out now thru no fault of his.

jrd78, Dec 25, 8:31am
They more than likely get replacement window from a wrecker,that's what happened with ours when it got broken into, ours was a older car as well.

tnt423, Dec 25, 9:19am
They are ordered based on the model the don't cut the glass.

angelah1, Dec 25, 9:24am
Thanks - there go my hopes of it being fixed before the weekend.
Does anyone know if it is legal to drive it with clear plastic over the hole! Not overly keen on the concept myself but he makes his own decisions now he has left school.

dr.doolittle, Dec 25, 9:27am
Getting closer.

carmad50, Dec 25, 10:06am
friday smith n smith be open again but they may well charge you heaps to do it be aware of that whats or when was the cambelt on the mitsi done! these are bad for going snap with out warning

carmad50, Dec 25, 10:07am
he could drive it like that but I d ring up the insurance cofirst they d have bus contacts to get it done aye

intrade, Dec 25, 8:16pm
autoglass stieger is who i would try . we got a rear quarter window from them for a volvo for 180$ all others wanted 1200$ for that small glass.
i usually get mobile windscreen guy to fit the glass , somone said stieger doe a rough job to fit the glass. the glass it self is ok i paid 134$ for my fron screen of my tipo fiat and 120$ to fit it by mobile guy here up north.
here the site in case theyhave smith-and smith dont have your glass

mrfxit, Dec 25, 11:56pm
Good grief, it's insured, they WILL organize to get it fixed ASAP accordingly, to the reason for urgency & availability.

If you can arrange a quicker repair, TALK to your insurance company FIRST, otherwise you won't be covered for any muck ups in the repair/replace etc

kazbanz, Dec 26, 12:10am
mrfixit the op is in dunners though. Agree with you in principle BUT If I was the OP's son I'd be heading up to ChCH -ie bigger population center to ensure getting the job done

elect70, Dec 26, 3:15am
Insuranceco will give you their approved repairer& up to you to make the arragements . Meid use the Novus guystheywill do itat your home/worksodont have to leave itat shop all dayuntil they getaroundtoit