Brake puzzler for those in the know

whqqsh, Dec 29, 8:49pm
since Ive had my EL Falcon, Ive noticed occasionally a grinding noise from the front when applying the brakes (embarrassing when pulling up at lights etc) & usually associated with worn pads & getting into steel on steel. Some weeks ago I pulled the front wheels off & found the pads were in pretty good shape, discs werent too bad either. Put wheels back on & gave a spin & wiggle & bearings seemed ok too. So kept driving around paying special attention to noises etc. Noise was intermittant & often wouldnt show for days then come back really bad. No loose metal roads so stones probably out of the question. Decided to bite the bullet & did pads, discs, & bearings while at it. Sure the car brakes better as it should with all new parts but found nothing untowards with the old parts. Nothing really worn & no obvious scrapes, stones, hard spots (I used to machine flywheels, discs etc so know what to look for). Also Falcon brakes are lot more fiddly to do than Commodore but then thats another discussion. isnt it lol

a.woodrow, Dec 29, 8:56pm
But I take it the noise is now gone! I would say the previous pads might have been poor quality, had a lot of front brake noise in my ef, fitted new bosch pads and rotors, noise gone. had a poke at the old pads with a screwdriver, the old material seemed a little soft

intrade, Dec 29, 8:58pm
if its still there then i would check the rear disc soonest.

chebry, Dec 29, 8:58pm
The incorrect pad material can be very noisy try harder /softer pads.Make sure the noise isnt telegraphing through the car from the rear pads

whqqsh, Dec 29, 9:35pm
yup, noise has gone (but then Ive only gone for 2 short drives) def not rear pads & noise was a def grinding type,the only time Ive heard anything like it from pads with more than half the meat left was with a stone in there somewhere

splinter67, Dec 29, 11:18pm
Brought an hq that had the same problem the disks needed replacing and as the pads were fine didnt replace them still had the same noise put good pads in it was sweet as the owner had put new disks and pads on it6 months before

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