HELP! What is this bike? 50cc Yamaha approx 73?

tup, Mar 10, 3:11am
can't seem to find a code anywhere for this one. i know it's just bitsa pics. but any clue as to what numbers I should be looking up online to find parts etc!or does anyone have any old Yammy 50cc parts lying about!This is my 12 year old sons' project.:)Thanks!&_suid=136288438163905901421544487049

dunedin_moto, Mar 10, 3:16am
TY50 perhaps!

dunedin_moto, Mar 10, 3:18am
Google wemoto

tup, Mar 10, 3:26am
Just did another hunt and came up with GT50. could that be right!

tup, Mar 10, 3:27am
thanks heaps.:)

dunedin_moto, Mar 10, 3:27am
Looks promising to me

dunedin_moto, Mar 10, 3:29am
What parts do you need!

tup, Mar 10, 3:33am
piston and rings only atm.i'm hoping something might be compatible.looks like they have full kits on wemoto for 20 pounds which is better than we expected.will see if i can find something local though. to save him time etc.thanks again.:)

dunedin_moto, Mar 10, 3:35am
wemoto is very good. I recently had parts shipped over for an old Yamaha and they were delivered within a week at about 1 third of the cost buying local.

tup, Mar 10, 3:35am
oh and front shocks/forks. they may prove abit more difficult.will see if I can find someone who can ressurect these ones I think.:)

tup, Mar 10, 3:38am
a week! That's incredible!Thanks for that.

matarautrader, Mar 10, 5:55am
Didn't they make a DT50 then!

kazbanz, Mar 10, 5:59am
Its not a GT50 that was a sporty looking beasty -It looks like a trials version of the YB50

bwg11, Mar 10, 6:08am
Yep, it is a GT50A from approx 1972. The exhaust heatshield logo is the giveaway. I could post spec, but I'm sure Google will provide.

tup, Mar 10, 6:31am
yaye! Thanks bwg11.Great to know that as I need to ensure I get the right piston kit! :) have sent off the serial numbers etc so hopefully can get more info from that.