Toyota estima 2000

taniakaa, Mar 1, 12:30am
head gasket may have blown - its at the mechanic shop now as we speak, am i looking at a huge bill!

franc123, Mar 1, 12:35am
Yeah probably, depends on how much damage you've done and whether its the model with the engine where it should be in the front or buried under the seats. Why don't you ask them!

therafter1, Mar 1, 2:24am
These things are shockers with even only partially blocked radiators. I would have the radiator pulled out and checked before I embarked on any other drastic/expensive forays.

intrade, Mar 1, 8:03pm
if the engine is under the seat then dont even bother taking it apart , they all go poof once they gone past 200,000km we had a guy on heretelling his was superior to this and then 260,000km poof it went also surprised me it went that long , you can fit new heads and all but the problem is the huge amount of spaghetty hoses for cooling on the ones with engine under seat and the fact the engineairlocks and overheats when only 1 hose is not 100% sealing and then the head is cracked .

mugenb20b, Mar 1, 8:15pm
Well, it's not, it's under the bonnet on a 2000 model.

kazbanz, Mar 1, 8:19pm
I think you are confusing the 1994-1999 version with the year 2000 and newer version. -Year 2000 the engine/drive train is like an ipsum if its a 2.4

therafter1, Mar 1, 8:19pm
Lol, I think Intrade got burned by a job that he took on once upon a time on an Emina that was probably rooted before he started the job and every mention of an Estima, Previa, Lucida, Emina or whatever since has come in for the same slagging.

Did a radiator replacement on a Lucky Rental on Tuesday this week that had a blocked radiator, and it was the early model Lucida with the mid mounted motor . no problems.

therafter1, Mar 1, 8:21pm
Yep, onto that one Kaz. Lost count of the number of radiators and header bottles that I have replaced on these things and have never had a problem !

And as Mugen has already pointed out, if it is a 2000 model then it isn't mid mounted, it is an east/west up front mount motor.

therafter1, Mar 1, 8:27pm
I'm not confusing anything. I do roadside breakdown recovery from the 3 sisters on the Desert Rd to Ohingaiti, and the biggest percentage of breakdown recovery relates to jap imports with over heating problems, most commonly blocked radiators.

I haven't figured out yet why radiator blockage is such a huge problem on low K jap import vehicles when we don't see the NZ new equivalents with the same problems at the same low k's . but I'm working on it !

intrade, Mar 1, 8:30pm
for all a 2000 can still be a 99 model its why i specifically refered to engine under seat. my tipo is a 91 when in fact it is 1988 model for parts. year of registration immatriculisation is not always the year it was manufacured like our 1988 ford fiesta we got newwas 1985 for example 88 was the year they changed to new model. same as my 1988 safari nissan and my iveco 88 was change over to new shape but both where old shape.

therafter1, Mar 1, 8:38pm
The one I did for Lucky Rentals on Tuesday was an early model mid mounted import, and it had 366,000 ON THE ODO !

intrade, Mar 1, 8:49pm
do you know if it had not had a other head fitted they go for longer again when you fix em i fixed a few with new heads you need 2500 to 3500$ to fix these heads and its problems that caused it to crack the heads.
most blow up soon after the timing belt was changed. a german guy in aucklandneedee some parts for his enema and he went to a toyota wrecker he told me the wrecker had stacks of these abortion engines all with newcambelts and cracked heads. thats for the old under floor abortion they use a 2c cilinder head from townace corolla engines on diesel

gizmsme, Mar 1, 10:10pm
$600 for a new genuine head, $150 to fit valves etc , head gasket, new head bolts, timing belt, water pump and seals etc.Someone's charging a huge hourly rate if the bill comes to $3.5k.

intrade, Mar 1, 10:14pm
you add it all up you have to also change all shims on heads to acomedate new valves you might need a new radiator new thermostat new coolant hoses some clamps. it soon adds up to a huge bill.
i k now it only gets expensive when you add it up on a sheet of paper bit of this a bit of that = loads that you dont see untill you write the numbers down on paper and add em togather.
that again is for the one with engine under floor they got bucket shimmed valves not hydraulic.

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