Nz ford courier diesel turbo 2003 ignition switch

kevlight, Mar 1, 1:16am
need the electrical switchunit, that sits behind the ignition key , mines worn when i turn the key to preheat then, turn to start it baulks ,ie fails to start ,most times;any ideas where i can get one from, and how much,thanks

budgel, Mar 1, 3:50am
Try Maztech Partsworld Rotorua 0800 866 293

franc123, Mar 1, 4:22am
Can't recommend the best place to get one but make sure you price one from Ford or else an auto electrical supplier first before deciding on secondhand, some ofthese wreckers can be cheeky with pricing on parts that are known to be a problem and that have a limited life.

crudeawakening, Mar 1, 4:27am
Auto electrican can do after market parts, talk to your local

crudeawakening, Mar 1, 4:28am
dont waste your time 2nd hand. Its a truck still worth a couple dollars, if yours failed, the used one probably will too

ozz1, Mar 1, 5:21am
$60.start a wanted add.2 monthreplacement warranty.2 plug type. second hand.andtested.cheers ian.

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