2003 Nissan Caravan 3.02Ltr Diesel Turbo

jewelryjunkie, Feb 23, 3:34pm
hiya Im hoping you switched on guys are able to advise me of what or any, Pitfalls are to the above van. I have already bought, its got 185ks on the clock. I knew previous owner and know it has been well looked after and serviced.

Im just hoping you can maybe advise me of things to look out for etc as want to look after it the best I can

thank you in advance

intrade, Feb 23, 4:23pm
well it will have electronic pump or commonrail neither is any good fromasian stuff unless it has a dci renault engine

intrade, Feb 23, 4:25pm
diesel fiter change correctly and use chemtech flaslube or morreys diesel additive every now and then. for more post engine code found on carjam.co.nz

mrfxit, Feb 23, 4:32pm
Radiator could do with a pro strip/clean & system flush (about $400)
Every 25 years of age seems to be about 20% blocked
Fan belts
Engine Oil / Filter/
Fuel filters
Check gearbox & diff oils for color (may need changing if not right/ level on both otherwise.
If it's got an LSD diff, then an oil change would be a good idea

franc123, Feb 23, 11:58pm
The title of this thread is a little confusing, you need to be damned sure of what engine is in it. If the engine is a ZD30 I would be avoiding it.

mrfxit, Feb 24, 8:10am
E25 2001 /2012

2.0 L KA20DE I4
2.0 L QR20DE I4
2.4 L KA24DE I4
2.5 L QR25DE I4
3.0 L ZD30DD turbo I4
3.0 L ZD30DDTi I/C turbo I4

Apparently a ZD30 engine.
That engine will need a professional full inspection as to it's general condition.

Engine is fine if it's been treated well & fully maintained on time but they don't like being neglected or abused.
Known locally as a hand grenade because of past abuse catching up

tweake, Feb 24, 5:56pm
if i remember rightly the caravan zd30 is common rail, and a gutless piece of crap. the common rail zd30 where not the grenade version.

mrfxit, Feb 24, 6:20pm

tweake, Feb 24, 6:28pm
i'm well used the the navara and patrol version.
the CRD zd30 never really blew up. (tho it had fuel usage issues).
the grenade version is the DI, the vp44 injection pump version.

afaik the caravan got the common rail version not the vp44 version (that i have seen).
its also very under fueled, i think it was something like 100kw which is down right gutless for a common rail 3 litre.

jewelryjunkie, Feb 25, 12:17pm
Its is the E25 model Nissan, what motor Im not sure only knnow its a 3ltr diesel turbo

franc123, Sep 9, 11:15am
It will be a ZD30, buy something else.

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