Brake lights and wof

sleepyheadz, Feb 26, 9:01am
can a car still pass the wof if one of the brake lights are not working!

n1smo_gtir, Feb 26, 9:06am
NO! some inspectors will be nice and offer to replace at cost of bulb and pass you. others just plain arseholes. just check all the basics before you take it in. saves the hassle especially with likes of a bulb.

a.woodrow, Feb 26, 9:06am
Generally no. if it is a high stop that is comprised of multiple LED's then some can be not working but it has to meet a percentage requirement

franc123, Feb 26, 9:18am
Not their fault you've presented them with a non compliant vehicle that you are asking them to certify is compliant.They're under no obligation to fix anything, there are reasons other than blown bulbs that cause lights not to work.

sw20, Feb 26, 9:35am
Good business taking those two minutes to replace a bulb. They will come back next time.

twink19, Feb 26, 9:56am
no dirrerent to the nav lights on a plane or boat not working,

rpvr, Feb 26, 7:10pm
"Must have just gone out, it was working when I left home." I'll bet AVIs hear those words on a regular basis.

mrfxit, Feb 26, 8:04pm
Have done the pre-wof checks & had it happen on the way TO a wof.
Both brake lights doa.
Another day lost a number plate light & a tail light when checked at home.

WAS found to be a broken earth wire in the tailgate a bit later

johnf_456, Feb 26, 8:22pm
It does happen, light bulbs give no warning they are going to blow.

meathead_timaru, Feb 26, 9:58pm
Yes. But it depends on which one.

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