Brake bleeding kits?

rosehonda, Mar 22, 11:39am

xpfairmont, Mar 22, 11:43am
I use one like the top one, works really well. Just hang it up a bit higher than the brake that you are bleeding. The magnets not that good so I just wrap a bit of wire around it to keep it in place.

kamitchell, Mar 22, 12:08pm
And I have the bottom one that works ok. only problem with the style I have the brake fluid being hygroscopic the metal ball and spring can (and do) rust. A squirt of CRC or the like helps. Also use a heavy containerto bleed into. All said and done I wouldn't mind trying the top one.

mecanix, Mar 22, 4:34pm
I use a plastic bottle with a piece of vacuum. Hose

scuba, Mar 22, 5:58pm
i've used both the one you have is better.

bill-robinson, Mar 22, 6:31pm
+1 but plastic hose

thunderbolt, Mar 22, 7:54pm
+2 with a mixture of plastic and vac hose in an old brake fluid bottle and its done the job for 20 years

gmphil, Mar 22, 9:38pm
+3 plastic bottle in vacum hose took 2 mins to make

intrade, Mar 22, 9:42pm
i did have the bottom one the rubber and all has disintigtaed over time , i also have a vaccume compressor one and usually you still want the good old 2 man bleeder for the last bit bleeding .

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