Coppper-nickel brake lines

elect70, Mar 28, 4:26am
Probably not as copper isnt ,yet refrigeraration grade copper tube is better than crap bundy tube which rusts from day 1 . I redid my quad bike in it

woodsy2, Mar 28, 6:31am
You need cupro nickel tubing for brake lines. A shop in Ashburton is agent for the tube.

ladatrouble, Mar 28, 7:07am
Copper is legal for brake pipes.

sr2, Mar 28, 7:22am
Copper brake lines have been illegal in NZ from the late 90's (they work harden).
Copper-Nickel tube (approx. 10 % nickel) "intended for brake lines" is OK.

ladatrouble, Mar 28, 8:12am
It's not and has never been in the VIRM. They need to be secured every 300mm to stop movement which causes the work hardening.

jason_247, Mar 29, 8:15am
im guessing the copper being banned is a cert requirement rather than a wof failure item?

akgaragesale, Mar 29, 8:17am
Yes okay for WOF but not for Cert or Vin.

pauldw, Apr 6, 1:07pm
Wouldn't the use of nonstandard material require a cert?
AFAIK the recognised tubing for brake lines is bundy steel and Cunifer or similar copper nickle.

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