Adding brakes to boat trailer

jojo76, Feb 3, 10:37am
We tow a 17' boat weight all up is 1200kg. Not overly heavy but we have decided for added safety to have brakes installed any idea what the cost is involved in this?

sqidlie, Feb 3, 11:16am
I would think most poeple that buy a boat and trailer combo would already have the brakes fitted
I haven't got a clue about the prices, just ring around some trailer companies and get some prices
Fingers crossed it aint a arm and a leg aye

gmphil, Feb 3, 11:24am
u need a braked coupling ,new hubs with callipers mite as well get kit should included new bearings x amount meters bundy tubing 2 x flexable brake hoses and a large bottle brake fluid . search here on trade me lots kits available

mm12345, Feb 3, 4:54pm
Seeing as you're in Chch, give Transit Engineering / Bromley a call. They can supply alloy / dual SS piston calipers, disks/hubs, caliper mount brackets, override hitches, bearings, stub axles etc, and can probably recommend someone to put it all together if you can't DIY.
At a rough guess, less than $800 in parts, but there's a few hours labour to set it up. In some cases welding may be needed for caliper mount lugs to stub axle, and a flaring tool ($50 or so) needed for brake lines. The rest of it is straight forward.

mrsglaucoma11, Feb 3, 6:11pm
Looked at it for my boat. Was told around $1000 all finished.

jojo76, Feb 4, 12:59am
First quote $1600 ext gst. will keep looking!

gmphil, Feb 4, 1:19am
oh and tow ball aswell I think all braked coupling are 50mm now

brapbrap8, Feb 4, 2:35am
Usually they are multi sized. Turn the handle one way for 50mm, and the other way for 1 7/8.

tillsbury, Feb 4, 2:38am
Remember you will need the brake controller fitted to the car too.

brapbrap8, Feb 4, 2:53am
Only if you are using air brakes which I very much doubt on such a little trailer.

mrfxit, Feb 4, 3:35am
Maybe on something that needs an elaborate & expensive "towing kit" to haul around a wheel barrow size trailer.
As above, air brakes, but who would have that on a std car?

sr2, Feb 4, 3:54am
They only use pneumatic brakes on larger trucks, I think he was referring to an electric trailer brake or possibly one of the earlier PBR vacuum over hydraulic systems (VH116) which was essentially a modified hydrovac.
That aside over-rider brakes are the obvious choice for a boat trailer.

brapbrap8, Feb 4, 4:27am
Sorry I was speaking a bit vague, I was refering to the electric/pneumatic sensabrake systems used on bigger car trailers.
We have that system on the trailer for our boat, works superbly.

m16d, Feb 4, 5:15am
If your talking that sort of money, you might as well just get a complete new trailer. and while your at it get a new boat too.

skiff1, Feb 4, 8:59pm
most useless statement ever. Clearly this guy does not have brakes, so what others have is irrelevant?

jojo76, Feb 5, 12:48am
Most boats of this size don't have braked trailers, I think it is over 2000kg it legally has to be braked?
But just for added safety we wanted to make ours braked.

martin11, Feb 5, 3:32am
Some insurance companies if you have an accident while towing look at the weight of the trailer and if it is over the recommended cars manufacturers towing weights the claim can be declined , most cars max towing weight is 750kg without brakes . Find our what your cars tow rating with brakes is , you may be suprised what it is .
Some car manufacturers have no tow rating at all allowed on some models . The AA has a good site to find out common models .

skiff1, Feb 5, 4:44am
good for you, brakes are a good investment.

xs1100, Feb 5, 7:25am
try your local BNT they have a good range of brakes and bound to have a contact to fit them, they do the CM brand

trackim, Feb 5, 7:44am
Try to get stainless steel discs(when getting quotes,stress for boat trailer). I converted mine from single axle to tandem with brakes about 7yrs ago, just had to replace discs as corrosion got them.

nzangel1, Feb 6, 2:14am
It greatly depends on what the tow vehicle is if brakes are needed or not within the legal boundaries of course.

martin11, Jul 5, 6:11pm
This is correct but most WOF vehicles cannot tow anything near 1000kg without trailer brakes and be legal by the manufacturers ratings , possibly a cof truck could tow the boat legally .
Wonder what their tow vehicle actually is ?

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