Best AT tyre for 4x4

newtec1, Mar 31, 8:30am
I am looking at Hankook or similar 265x70x16,any suggestions.?

daryl14, Mar 31, 8:59am
Coopers. Awesome.

grangies, Mar 31, 9:10am
I think a lot depends on if you drive like a maniac or not, when on the tarmac.

I've had 80,000k from Bridgestone Dueller A/T's and about 70,000k from Pirelli Scorpion A/T's.

But If I had driven my ungainly Isuzu Bighorn like a farkwit then I could reasonably expect to half the tyre life LOL.

mack77, Mar 31, 9:17am
When I was looking for an "all terrain" tyre, I read all the relevant tyre reviews available on the internet and most of them recommended the GT Radial Savero A/T because of its very good performance and low price compared to other brands of tyres that have similar or worst performance.
It has recently been superceded by the Savero A/T Plus which looks almost the same. I have been very impressed with the performance of mine, although you have to be aware that like all "all terrain" tyres their performance is limited in really bad mud.

pico42, Mar 31, 8:00pm

What vehicle? What sort of use? Towing? Budget?

gpg58, Mar 31, 8:40pm
silverstone AT117, done 20,000 so far on my navara and still look new.
Good grip on wet tarseal, and good offroad wherever a mudgrip isnt called for.
Coopers also great tires. Ps check tread depth of what you are looking at, some have 4mm more than others.

intrade, Apr 1, 12:21am
forget hankock they are as good as the name when you pronounce it wrong.
i seen loads of delaminated ones of that brand with 70% thread left and 6 month to 2 years old max.

bwg11, Apr 1, 2:24am
B F Goodrich A/T's if you really need All Terrains, otherwise Dunlop Grandtreks AT2's or AT3's.

brapbrap8, Apr 1, 4:28am
I am going to look at Maxxis tyres for my ute next, Tyre shop guy rates them above Cooper (and he sells both). The Maxxis are probably the cheapest of the big brand tyres and the tyre shop guy said he will give me a mileage warranty for 70,000km on them even though I only get 30,000km from Bridgestone 697s on average.
The Maxxis won't be as good on the road, but will be better off road due to deeper tread which is what I want on my 4x4.

gpg58, Apr 1, 4:47am
Personally i would steer clear of dunlop at3, at 25k they were already down to tread depth that i replace at, and they were crap on wet greasy roads from day one, a mate put yokohamas on his truck about the same time and is getting much better mileage and road grip.

daryl14, Apr 1, 6:51am
Maxxis are Cheng shin. Same tyre made in the same factory with the same tread pattern. I had BFG mud tyres once and they were crappola on clay/mud. They would just leave me stranded.

newtec1, Apr 1, 6:59am
Toyota hilux,mostly on road normal running,very little towing,very little off road.I don't want cheap rubbish,just value for $$$$$ . i read the review for Hankook and everyone raved about them.? Bridgestone are the most expensive,some of those brands mentioned i have never heard of.

newtec1, Apr 1, 7:01am
Where do they come from and who supplies them.

mack77, Apr 1, 9:40am
The importer of ''GT Radial Tyres" is "". If you go to this website and enter your address you will find the nearest stockists. In my part of the country(Motueka/Nelson), almost all of the tyre retailers stock this brand although I managed to save almost $200 a set by buying them in Christchurch the next time I went there. Maybe their only warehouse/distribution center is in Christchurch?
I have read all of the above posters comments on other brands of tyres and I don't dispute what they say about "their" brands but believe from my research before buying and experience of their use that they represent the best value for money. They are certainly not low quality or low performance tyres and are in common use on 4wd vehicles in this part of the country.

mack77, Apr 1, 10:18am
Upon checking I see that they also have a distribution centre in Auckland (Avondale).
I find their website difficult to use. One way to get info. from it is to select a brand (e.g. "GT Radial") and then select "4WD/Light Truck) and then click the "Code" No. for any sized "Savero A/T Plus" tyre, then click "Pattern" whereupon you will see all the sizes of tyres available with this pattern and amazingly 265/70-16 is manufactured.
In view of your comment that you do very little off-road driving perhaps you should be selecting a tyre that gives the best on-road handling/road holding rather than the tyre I have recommended or in fact any of the other tyres mentioned by other posters which are all tyres which are noted for their off-road performance(including gravel roads), not their performance on tarmac. You have to decide which aspect of a tyres performance is the most important to you and then choose on that criterion as I believe that you will find tyres with much better tarmac performance than any of the ones mentioned in this thread.

newtec1, Apr 2, 4:28am
Cheers for that.Yes i know where you are coming from regards highway tires,but occassionaly i do want some traction for a bit of off road. I have firestone at the moment ,well worn and rather noisy,but i guess that's something that comes with the territory.

tim41, Apr 2, 8:36am
have a look around taupo /tokoroa area and 80% of the utes have hankook dynapro rf 10s or mts on ,had mine on for 33000km and hardly worn and thats on gravel 70% of the time,did a trip down to wanaka last winter and they handled real well in the wet and ice/snow

newtec1, Apr 1, 4:45pm
Yeah the reviews are pretty good.

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