91 or 95 for a Toyota Estima 2006

mkgb, Jan 15, 12:42am
What is best for a Toyota Estima to use, 91 or 95. I've just purchased a Toyota and have been advised 95, but my old vehicle used 91. People I've spoken with thought it should be 91? Thanks.

m16d, Jan 15, 12:46am
91 should only be used in motor mowers.

franc123, Jan 15, 2:13am
Try both and see what you get the best economy out of. Chances are it may not make any difference.

intrade, Jan 15, 2:50am
almost nothing is made to run 91 octane as almost no developed country has 91 octane fuel.

mkgb, Jan 27, 12:18am
I've spoken with my mechanic and he said that 95 is fine. I now just need to remember to place 95 only.

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