Rental Cars - Guidance Please

doggie72, Feb 22, 7:16am
We are going to Wellington in school holidays and are wanting to hire a rental car for 2 days. Never hired one before and have no idea what is a good deal, unlimited kms, petrol, etc, how does that all work. Any recommendations on company. Have ruled out public transport.

daryl14, Feb 22, 7:20am
If there is any way you can get a hireage rate through your place of work, do that.

jmma, Feb 22, 7:28am

doggie72, Feb 22, 7:39am
We don't use rental cars and staff don't travel much

toyboy3, Feb 22, 7:48am
I am sure the rental firms will be queuing up for a two day rental

h.e, Feb 22, 8:17am
check prices and book online its far cheaper, from experience if you rock up and want a car unbooked you get fair shafted. When you get a rental the tank is full return it the same way or expect to pay a hugely inflated price per litre. Insurance is another issue normal excess is 3k yes $3000,you can get this knocked back to $300 but the daily price goes up. You need a licence obviously and a credit card visa etc

phard, Feb 22, 8:24am
We have used them 2 times now in wellington. Top service. Have always used the cheaper cars and they have been fine.

tamarillo, Feb 22, 8:25am
Too many variables here, are you wanting new car available right at airport? Or are you happy with slightly older car and having to be taken in minibus to their depot?
If the former its between big players hertz Avis etc,

If former try apex, I found their rates good, cars fine, service quick, but it does waste time going to get car.

doggie72, Feb 22, 8:33am
Dont really have any type of car (age or model), if not at airport a shuttle or pickup to depot is fine. Will keep searching online. Another problem which may hinder us is we don't have a credit/debit card which they seem to want for security. Mind have to rely on public transport yet. Don't see why someone has to hold my funds to use something when we are paying for insurance etc.

daryl14, Feb 22, 8:41am
Do you have airpoints or AA card or any other type of loyalty cards? Look at the daily deal type sites too.

vtecintegra, Feb 22, 8:41am
You can still rent a car without a credit card, but a bond will apply

h.e, Feb 22, 8:44am
You need a credit card as a form of insurance for them. If you get speeding or parking tickets the ticket goes to them and they in turn can debit your card same with insurance excess. Not everyone is as honest as you and me

tigger8, Feb 22, 9:53am
just hired a car (corolla hatch size) from acerentals for 5 days with full insurance (no excess) cost $390 all up

sw20, Feb 22, 11:08am
Scratch the entire idea if you don't have a debit card or credit card.

Even on the debit card they will lock up nearly twice the total rental charge and not release it for a few days after you have returned the car.

elect70, Feb 22, 9:54pm
I used Ace rentals when I went to Highlands , $50 day plus $50 insurance excess waiver & petrol , an5 year Dihatsu Sirion , no boy racer but it did the job . That was just going in on the day . Apex are also very reasonable . oh & look out for these so called cheap deals on line prepay , many are just offshore booking agents , keep clear of them

chook90, Feb 23, 4:37am
EZYRentals. Use them all the time. Debit card for the full value of the hire.

We always take the optional insurance waiver in which case they only charge the card for the full value of hire plus insurance waiver and you are on your way.

Virtually new cars every time in their mainstream range or slightly older stuff in the budget range.

Cant recommend them highly enough, Feb 23, 5:30am
i agree these guys are good

kyokei, Jun 1, 6:48am
^ This.

On the subject of fuel, you can prepay the tank at the lower prices advertised in the store and you don't have to fill it up when you return it. Only thing is, it's only worth it if you almost use it up entirely.

Also buying insurance is recommended. I always opt in even if I hire it for the day. The rental company won't care if it was your fault or not when the car is damaged, you will pay regardless. I've seen enough damaged cars come in weekly at my wife's work (she works for one of the big 3 in NZ) to know I'd rather have myself covered. I've even seen one come back on a transporter wrecked from the guy rolling the car up near Palmy. He didn't buy insurance and I wonder if he's still paying for it as the wife mentioned he was gonna get the full brunt of the costs. The car he rolled was a brand new Highlander which didn't even have 2000kms on the clock yet.

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