Stereo/cd unit for ford fairmont 2002 ghia

michelle_smith, Jun 13, 7:19am
hiya, we need to replace the one we have as its doesn't always work, who would you recommend to supply and install another one, we live in papatoetoe, thank you.

franc123, Jun 13, 7:23am
Righto, is this the large unit that incorporates the heater display with the big screen in the middle or is it the stand alone stereo in the centre of the dash that has the separate climate control panel in the very top of the dash?

michelle_smith, Jun 13, 7:28am
hiya franc123 the second one, thanks.

gunhand, Jun 13, 7:29am
Heres an easy fix, Has your Fairmont got oval looking shapes as part of the dash etc. And is the shifter a black handled unit with pull up lever for selecting? And an oval clock?

michelle_smith, Jun 13, 7:31am
it has an oval clock, shifter is a T bar, not sure about the oval looking shapes though, thanks

gunhand, Jun 13, 7:34am
Sounds like an AU3 then. Just sorting your model out. Yes you can replace the whole unit with either double din (size of two normal stereos) or a single din and pocket underneath. Shouldn't be a big job for a capable auto sparky at all. If you are handy enough in can be DIY job.

michelle_smith, Jun 13, 7:37am
awe ok thks think husband wants to take it to a person to purchase and install.

franc123, Jun 13, 7:37am
That is the best course of action, the factory multi CD changer in AU2 and 3 was problematic from new.

michelle_smith, Jun 13, 7:38am
i just thought someone might be able to recommend a place in south auckland to take it to, thks.

michelle_smith, Jun 13, 7:40am
yes dead right franc123 actually few problems with this vehicle, we have kept it because she rights very well and smooth as.

michelle_smith, Jun 13, 7:42am
yes that is like ours but ours is a 5.15 litre I think.

gunhand, Jun 13, 7:44am
V8, worth keeping on the road it is. Good old units, still a nice ride etc.

franc123, Jun 13, 7:46am
I would.just fit a new stereo head unit of your choice and try Advanced for Ford in Avondale for the bootlid, they have listings on here and at least there is a good chance they might have one in the right colour.

michelle_smith, Jun 13, 7:46am
yes i know gunhand she's done 217K but purrs along the road, and my husband says the motor is still good for another 100K hahaha, we just need to replace the boot and radio/cd unit and we she is almost perfect!

michelle_smith, Jun 13, 7:47am
awe ok franc123 i'll have a look and see if they can help us, thank you franc123 and gunhand very helpful :D

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