Mopar power steering box

wayne1961, Apr 30, 5:50am
Can anyone tell me where I might get a new or reconditioned steering box for a 71 Dodge Challenger ,I used to have a contact for a good bloke in the Bulls area that deals in mopar parts but I cant find his number or remember his trade name

mopar63, Apr 30, 5:52am
mopargav ,got his email if you need it but he wil have listings on hee,he lives in Bulls now

wayne1961, Apr 30, 5:54am
That's the guy Gav thanks for that if you have his email address that would be great

wayne1961, Apr 30, 8:16am
Thanks for that have made contact

andrac63, Feb 18, 6:04am
is it the same as 1970 charger? if so I may have one

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