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crazydogtails, Jun 8, 9:49am
What are some of the best options for cars when on a budget, Teenagers first car, How does the cost of insurance differ between turbo and bigger engines ?

trogedon, Jun 8, 9:52am
Wait until they're not a teenager before they get a car.

monaro17, Jun 8, 10:13am
Just don't even think about a turbo/supercharged engine or anything over 3000cc. Insurance can be a nightmare- massive excess
Even popular small cars such as Toyota Levin and trueno can raise red flags with some insurance companies.

go for Nissan Primera or something similar

brapbrap8, Jun 8, 10:43am
You need 2L or less, non turbo and even some non turbo cars such as the Primera Camino, Honda civic SIR or Type R, Toyota Levin etc will be hard or impossible to insure.

henderson_guy, Jun 8, 8:36pm
Simple, Japanese, and common. Most early 2000 mazda/Toyota/Nissan fit into this bracket. Get something they can learn to service the basics on themselves, it will cut costs and may make them more mechanically sympathetic.

crazydogtails, Jun 9, 8:43am
What do you think of a mazda mx5 na ?

fordcrzy, Jun 9, 8:52am
they are great reliable cars. not much goes wrong with them and theres loads of repair info on the net. more reliable than just about any other hatch of that era.

towelynz, Jun 9, 10:26am
Buy the safest car with the highest safety rating you can afford.

mack77, Jun 9, 10:49am
I think that this is the most important factor to consider because when one is young and inexperienced there is a high risk of crashing. I know this from my own experience as well as from the news media. I buy the safest and heaviest car that I can afford because my life is the most important thing in my life. Of course now; the higher the safety rating of one's car, the cheaper the vehicle road licence.
Of course I also agree with the other posters whom recommend buying a common reliable Japanese car.

kazbanz, Jun 9, 8:27pm
EVERYBODY is on a budget. -The thing is equally everybodies definition of a "budget" is different.
No matter what your definition of that word is I would definitely be allowing $200 to get a pre purchase inspection carried out.
So how do YOU define "on a budget?" 100-1000 1000-2000 etc

tamarillo, Jun 9, 9:22pm
I'm with mack, and towels, I'm getting son a mid sized at least with airbags and weight and one with good drivability and feel for passive safety. I want him to learn not be smothered.
And I don't believe that just cause budget is low you can't enjoy the ride.
Of japs a good accord from 2000's would fit. Personally I love the old E36 series BMWs and a late one can be found with airbags and low miles at good money. But I'm a euro twit and can service them so it suits.
Or an old Volvo , yes I'm serious.

tamarillo, Jun 9, 9:26pm
Mazda mx5 is second or third car if he shows enjoyment. To me it's just too small and I want him to get through first year or so first. After that I couldn't agree more for learning passive safety, how to handle car and what happens when things go wrong.
And I'd only bother with third party insurance, I'm assuming full would just be too much for a teen driver.
Don't see many mx5 with manual though.

billyfieldman, Jun 9, 11:33pm
Given the statistics, a car with good crash safety rating would be best option. I think the Monash university's used car safety ratings is a good guide.

mm12345, Jun 10, 12:09am
I thought most MX5s were manual. Might not be reflected in numbers for sale, as manual MX5s tend to sell easily compared with autos which tend to sit on the side of the road for long periods with for sale signs on them.
Insurance of an MX5 for <20YO driver (son) wasn't going to be easy with our insurer (AMI). With other insurers it may be less of a problem.

kazbanz, Jun 10, 12:31am
the flying fridge- the 750 station wagon

richardmayes, Jun 10, 1:32am
Get them a Ferrari 488 GTB.

Your budget is obviously quite good if you are seriously contemplating getting a teenager a big engine / turbo car as a first car.

So why mess around with paltry V8s, Evos or WRXs? Go the whole hog.

Buy the local police force too, it will save you headaches later.

(OR you could do what most other people do, and get a basic 5-door Japanese hatchback from one of the main brands e.g. Nissan, Toyota, Mazda or Honda. there is a reason these cars have taken over the world, they are cheap, good and do what they are meant to do well!)

fordcrzy, Jun 10, 1:55am
Most mx5's are manual . like about 80% of them. i reckon they are the best sub 3500 car you can get. super reliable dont rust, excellent bslanced handling

tamarillo, Jun 10, 2:06am
Got to say that doesn't fit with what's for sale, but as said, maybe manual ones get held on to more. Most mx5 here are jap imports and they seem to be mostly auto.
What about an early mr2 then? They handled beautifully and it's a Toyota twin cam. How cool would that be for a teen?

jubre, Jun 10, 2:26am
toyota Corolla.
biggest selling car, and hardly breaks down. easy fixed if it does.

fordcrzy, Jun 10, 2:47am
Your totally off the mark tamirillo. ive had an mx for 13 years. been in the club etc and by far the majority are manual.mx5 handles better than an early mr2 and most mr2 s have succumbed to rust in the front subframe

fordcrzy, Jun 10, 2:49am
Crazydog whats your budget?

woodypc, Jun 10, 6:01am
It also has one of those V8s that Lexus did not even know they built.

kazbanz, Jun 10, 6:11am
Sorry dude but nope. Its at least a 2-1 ratio. manual to autos

mm12345, Jun 10, 7:01am

cagivachick1, Jun 10, 7:09am
get a golf

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