Japanese car stereo's

frankhousers, Feb 19, 8:55pm
Is there any way of changing the language on a Clarion max760 hd car stereo? It's in a mitsi outlander import. It's in Japanese I want to change it to English. Is there any way of doing this or do I just pull it out and replace. Cheers

gammelvind, Feb 19, 9:11pm
Discussed here often. End result is universally rip out and replace everything else is a compromise.

kazbanz, Feb 19, 9:35pm
Gammlevind said what I was going to say.Single din radios of decent quality INSTALLED you will only pay about $200-including a pocket under if its a double din hole or deduct about $30 for the pocket if its just single din.
If you want the full kahuna -radio/reverse camera/cd/Bluetooth/mp3/gps then you are up for about $1000 installed.
that $200 is a conservative figure based on retail prices.

tamarillo, Feb 19, 9:45pm
Nope. Search google with model number but very doubtful as it's made for Japanese market so why would they on cheap deck? Get nz then at least you get full range of radio stations.

bashfulbro, Feb 19, 10:02pm
It`s a common problem with no solution, other than to replace it. i am using these guys

frankhousers, Feb 21, 12:20am
awesome thanks ppl. i thought id have to replace it

nzmax, Feb 21, 12:41am
Guess technology and stereo/heater/gps/whatever integration has come a long way. Years ago a $20 band expander fixed every Jap import stereo, nowdays its at least a $200 fix or up to $1000+ to fix even something remotely elaborate.

vtecintegra, Feb 21, 12:44am
Those band expanders never a real fix - they always result in worse reception, and the display would never match what you were actually listening to.

tamarillo, Jun 6, 9:59am
Yep there a band expander in my little audi and it's bloody awful. Would love to keep original head unit as it fits in with whole dash and the new fancy head decks look bloody awful in a conservative audi dash. Hate the flashing lights and stupid messages crap. Plus the original controls a cd changer in boot. I am a national radio listener around town. Do wish there was a better way.

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