Putting in power steering

nannie2, Mar 16, 2:05am
does anyone have an approximation of what it would cost to do this in a Nissan navara ute 1987

aj254, Mar 16, 2:19am
1987, that shape was built for a few years after that I think. Maybe a later model but same shape one with the same motor would have interchangeable parts. You'd need the pump, steering box, pipes and reservoir if you're lucky. Parts cost would vary heaps if you're getting new stuff or getting bits and pieces off a mate etc.

tamarillo, Mar 16, 2:32am
As per post two, can't fix a cost. Need to find another with power steering and remove everything you need and install it all on yours. Not a quick job.
You can't just add an aftermarket power unit like you can a brake booster.
Assume you find steering heavy? Have you got wide tyres? If so go to narrower tyre, might need thinner wheel.
Pump up tyre pressure too, try 38. Makes a big difference.

tmenz, Mar 16, 3:59am
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franc123, Mar 16, 4:10am
What motor is in it and is it 2 or 4wd? That's going to determine how easy its going to be to get all the parts. Getting a box and steering shaft shouldn't be a problem but the pump, bracketry, lines and a crank pulley if it needs it could be if its one of the less common engines.

nzmax, Mar 16, 4:18am
Without knowing what motor is in it this could be a bit of a generalisation, some petrol Nissans without power steering had a mechanical fuel pump, and with power steering had an electric fuel pump. The mechanical fuel pump mounted in the same position as the power steering pump, except the hole for the mechanical fuel pump arm was covered with a blanking plate.

franc123, Mar 16, 4:43am
In which case you would simply convert it to an electric pump. Adds to the cost of course.

nannie2, Mar 16, 4:55am
love it yeah maybe but old grannies don't eat weetbix

nannie2, Mar 16, 4:56am
Thank you all was just wondering grrr

nannie2, Mar 16, 5:35am
Ok you guys what about power steering in this one Toyota Hilux 1986 any easier
4 cylinder, 2000cc

lookoutas, Mar 16, 5:56am
Same as Nissan - you need all the parts from a donor. But not easy to do a 2WD, as it seems the 4WD is more likely to have Power Steering and that box has a longer reach.
Have just looked at doing one, but canned it due to the insuring expence/time.
Best off to tell lady to buy a Gym membership.

nannie2, Mar 16, 6:43am
lol thanks

mrfxit, Mar 18, 8:54am
Theres 1 other important step everybodys missed out
The non power to power steering system will need certifying

nannie2, Mar 20, 2:15am
oh well thank you all I fixed the problem and bought a ute with power steering.

jmma, Mar 20, 2:27am
Yes, that fixed the problem (o:
Enjoy your purchase.

mrfxit, Mar 20, 5:34am
LOL . chicken

lookoutas, Apr 21, 9:02am
Well done - cheapest option.

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