Any Holden/Commodore Gurus out there?

muzzo, Dec 29, 11:19am
I have recently bought a 1994 holden Commodore Berlina - the AC does not operate. Anyone with knowledge in this area? What should I be checking first. My mechanical and electronic skills are pretty good - technician by trade. I just have bought my first ever Holden tho :-) The "AC" logo comes on the LCD but no lowering of temperature. Another odd thing is if I have had the heater on previously, even with the heater off and the LCD blank, heat is felt - as if the hot water was still circulationg - just with no fan on. Is this "normal" . The heat is quite noticeable. Lastly - anyone have a link to a comprehensive user manual? I am not quite getting the trip counter sussed. I want to reset some values, but pressing set, holding set and either of the two keys does not let me start afresh. I really am enjoying the car - V6 is noticeably thirsty - but is great for open road passing. I need to sort out the roof lining also - is very saggy and has come free at the rear. Can anyone post a link to suggestions on fixing? I push the edges back under the plastic mouldings often, but it needs permanent fixing/attaching, gluing?

Ok enough for one post. Thanks in advance.

franc123, Dec 29, 11:39am
If you've not dealt with AC problems before its best to just leave it to a professional unless you are prepared to be properly trained in this area, the refrigeration side isn't to be messed with by the unskilled. On something that old it could be anything from being too low on gas to a faulty switch to a buggered compressor clutch to a siezed compressor to a faulty climate control unit. The heater problem may be something like a heater valve stuck open perhaps. Upholsterers are well versed in dealing with sagging headlinings and have the right gear and adhesives to deal with them correctly, again its best to go pro if you want a tidy and long lasting job.

pico42, Dec 29, 12:37pm
We had aircon issues - referring to this website gave me enough info to replace the in-dash components of our 1997 ute after we had it diagnosed by a air-con specialist.

andy61, Dec 29, 4:02pm
As for the headliner, dont try regluing the old fabric back up, you you only end up with a lumpy glue stained mess which will be very difficult to clean up for a proper recover. The only way to fix the headliner is to remove from car,remove old fabric ,clean up the headliner board and recover with new fabric. This is a very common problem .I have recovered many 100s of headliners over the years.

ozz1, Apr 16, 1:08am
MAY not fix the problem but fixed my last one. and easy to do. 2 relays in relay bank under bonnet . both have yellow stripe. one fuel pump one a/con. get one. and swap. fixed my boys car. after i was a bit stumped. I thought the relay would have been the last thing that played up.

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