Oil leak advice.

holdenm4n, May 3, 1:36am
I've got a vt ss commy ( auto ), Ive got a oil leak appears to be coming from where the trans and motor join rear main seal? I was thinking the main seal needs to be replaced, but have spotted a small hole about the size of a nail head that doesn't look like it's meant to be there ( it looks like a piece of the trans housing has been chipped ) this is where the engine oil is leaking from. any advice or thoughts be appreciated cheers

franc123, May 3, 1:53am
If the rear main is leaking that is certainly where it will come out. Make sure that its not coming from the rocker covers or the head gaskets first as oil from these areas can end up in the same place., I realise its hard to see but you really need to get it on a hoist and have a good look up there and with a mirror if needed to look at the top of the bellhousing area, all are common possibilities with those 5 litre motors

holdenm4n, May 3, 2:28am
cheers, yeah that small hole is definitely the only place it's coming out.

mechnificent, May 3, 11:29pm
A chip in the trans housing won't cause an engine oil leak. it might cause a transmission fluid leak. Smell the oil and compare it's smell to engine oil and trans fluid.

budgel, May 5, 5:51am
Make a tapered plug and tap it in the hole. If that is where the leak is from, it should at least reduce the leak to manageable levels.

lookoutas, May 5, 6:59am
So now the bellhousing will fill up with oil and OP won't know.
You might find that hole is there for a reason, and that reason is now apparent.

4piggy, May 5, 11:07am
, and fill bellhousing with oil till it stuffs the starter motor drive clutch, the hole is there for a reason, the only time they are sealed is when its a 4wd to stop mud etc getting in

budgel, May 6, 12:52am
Oops, my mistake, I was thinking it was forward of the bellhousing.

dave653, May 8, 10:39pm
Mate just spent $1500 to have his VX SS 'resealed'. Top to bottom, engine only! Bad habit of leaking apparently.

franc123, May 9, 12:37am
Lol no surely not? The engines in question are direct descendants of the dear old 253 and 308, are nudging 20yo themselves and you are wondering why they leak? Its usually a signal that the whole engine is getting tired if its got multiple leaks.

dave653, May 12, 11:20pm
Really? 2002 chev 350 same as 253/308?
Oh, just clicked over 150,000.

franc123, Jan 31, 3:06pm
Sorry reread the VX bit, yes it is different, its the gen3. Still leak prone tho.

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